Baby Gender Selection – Is the Process Correct For You?

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Time changes everything from lifestyle choices to people’s attitude towards life! Even a decade back, the approach towards childbirth was different. People used to attach importance and an inexplicable value to the wait and fond anticipation to know the gender of the child. It gave them an abundant joy to know about the child’s gender on the delivery day. However, it’s the 21st century now, where science and medical discoveries have progressed manifold. Today, parents are keen and able to know the baby’s gender even before childbirth. There are various schools of thought supporting for and debating against it.

The way gender selection works 

Advanced medical discoveries have made the process of gender selection possible! Some school of thought supports it by stating, it’s medical progress, and people have the right to know about their child’s gender.

However, the gender selection methods are all about selecting gendered embryos, which get placed inside a woman’s womb. And that can govern whether she is going to give birth to a baby girl or boy. There are plenty of processes that work here. Several mechanisms in the human body can effectively work with the electrical signals. And according to leading scientists, an electrical device allows the woman’s body to select the baby’s gender.  

This electrical system could determine the exact number of times the egg or the ovum in the woman’s body chooses the sperm type, that is X or Y. And that would determine the childbirth. Simply put the egg membrane receptors in the reproductive system exchange the electrical polarity. And this makes it accept a boy sperm and girl sperm at different times. However, the exact times mentioned here are all different. And it is essential to recalculate each for a prospective mother. It is because no woman’s reproductive condition and the system is the same. Hence, the electrical system will have to adapt to the changes based on a different woman who wishes to undergo this process. Read more information about When Do Babies Start Teething?

The important considerations

Today, there’s a global debate and discussion about gender selection. The process has got legalized in the United States but banned in other places as well. Particular clinics in the United States profess their philosophy concerning the practice. However, the primary decision depends on the parents and fertility clinics. However, discussed below are two essential scenarios where gender selection is justified.

  • The process gets approval when medical screenings highlight some complications and disorders. There are specific genetic disorders, like hemophilia, that can impact the male child hugely. Hence, if one of the parents has an X-chromosome associated with any generic ailment, the parents are given the right to opt-in for a girl child. 
  • There are times when parents wish to balance their family. If there’s more of a male or female child in a family, parents might want to select a scarce gender.

Several ethical grounds oppose this practice. Gender selection can promote bias towards one gender as well, which will disturb the social balance. However, if you have a medical case that deserves gender selection, some laws will support you and allow you to choose your baby’s gender.

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