Baby Shower Gift List

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There’s nothing more exciting than finding out your sister or maybe a friend is going to have a baby. The good, but also tough part, is always finding the unique gift for the baby shower. Most of us would want to stand out on the gift ideas. The secret is always to choose a gift from the heart. It’s actually okay to get the baby diapers. This is what she needs most, but your gift will soon be forgotten in less than a week. Yes, you can buy diapers, but you can also add some unique items to seal the deal. It’s even easier to buy gifts if you already know the gender of the baby.

Many people are usually faced with a difficult question about how much they should spend on a baby shower gift. Well, spend whatever amount you budgeted for it or whatever amount you have to spare. There’s a wide option of beautiful baby gifts for any amount of money you’d wish to spend.

If you’re looking to get the best baby shower gift, then you’re in the right place. Below is a list of adorable handpicked gifts that won’t only be unique, but also cost-friendly.

  • Baby clothes

Buying baby clothes is the best idea for a baby shower present. Baby clothes come in different designs. Some of the most common types for babies below six months are baby rompers, sleepers, sweaters, and bodysuits. You can also go for something they would grow into like cute dresses for the baby girls. Bitsy Bug Boutique has some of the best baby outfit collections that will make the baby look undeniably gorgeous.

  • Baby blankets and shawls

Yes, these are quite traditional gifts. You can make love message embroidery on the blanket or shawl to make it unique. Make sure to check out

  • Baby booties

Don’t go for normal socks. Booties are the best choice because they are warmer. Choose the ones that are made of soft cotton and colorful patterns. Unlike socks, babies are less likely to kick them off, hence giving the mom an easier time.

  • A portable changing station

When buying gifts, we shouldn’t forget the mothers. Having to carry diapers and all the baby stuff in one bag can be quite stressful. We all see moms out here carrying heavy jumbled up baby bags.  Well, a portable changing station is a solution.

  • Baby stroller

Every parent’s dream is to have an umbrella baby stroller.

  • A cute baby monitor

This will give the mother peace of mind. There are unique types of baby monitors that not only record the audio and video, but also functions as a night light and plays lullabies.

When buying gifts, always remember that a new mom’s comfort is also mandatory. You can gift the mom a memory book to document all her baby’s milestones or scented candles for relaxation. There are also DIY ideas for handmade gifts. Lastly, wrap up your baby shower presents in cute translucent wrappers, so that everyone can see your adorable gifts.

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