Back In School Supplies to Keep You Organized

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School is back in session and the creative learning is in full swing. You’ve got everything you need to write the next prize-winning essay or create the most colorful eye-catching graphic. But are you organized?

Keeping yourself prepared for all that your lessons throw at you throughout the school year means you need to stay organized in the classroom and at home. Highlighters and mechanical pencils should just be a zipper pouch away so that you can add color to your work in a jiffy.

Erasers and sticky notes tidily tucked in a mesh pocket will be there where you can see them for the exact moment you need them. And don’t forget the power of the on the go pencil sharpener, so you never experience a dull pencil tip or a dull moment.

OOLY has all you need for Back In School Supplies to keep you organized all year long at the peak of your creative potential.

Say Hello To Highlighters

Don’t just stick with that yellow highlighter you brought on the first day of school. Having an assortment of colors within reach will take your organization to a whole new level and leave your work popping with color. Go for Neon Click Scented Retractable Highlighters and you won’t worry about losing a cap ever again. There are six fruity scented highlighters in every pack: strawberry, orange, banana, melon, blueberry, and grape.

Mechanical Pencils That Stand Out

Mechanical pencils are a favorite go-to writing tool for many students. But all too often they get lost in the paper shuffle. You may end up spending half your study time looking for your pencil if you’re using one that just seems to blend into the woodwork. Look for pencils with personality instead to keep you more organized, like Oh My Ombre! Mechanical Pencils. They are cute, bright, and sure to stand out on your desktop so you spend less time looking for your pencil and more time getting the job done.

Keeping Tabs With Zipper Pouches

The very best way to make sure you’ve got everything you need all in one place is with a zipper pouch. The Mighty Zipper Pouch has enough room to store all of your colored pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters and more, and enough compartments to keep each tool organized and easy to retrieve. Each pouch comes in a bright eye-catching color so your zipper pouch is never hard to locate.

Keep Your Pencils Sharp In A Pinch

Don’t forget to throw a pencil sharpener into that zipper pouch too. It may be often you find yourself in a class or workspace where there is only a broken sharpener or no sharpener at all. The Mighty Pencil Sharpener is bright and versatile, offering three different sized holes so you can keep your pencil sharp whether you’re writing with a primary level pencil, a typical no.2 pencil, or anything in between. The Mighty Pencil Sharpener comes in colors such as bold blues, bright yellow, popping pinks, or cherry reds. Keep your sharpener in a zipper bag of a contrasting color so you can grab it and go whenever you need it.

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