Backyard Camping – One of the Best Family Times

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Its summer time and you’re probably thinking of going camping with your family. But then there are house chores in pending and you can’t drive out of city leaving things undone. That’s not even needed when you have a backyard. The most you will need to travel is going to your backyard and spend time your family. A family campout just outside your house will not only be enjoyable but also a comforting experience.

It’s time to drop your digital gadgets and pitch a tent in your background for once in a lifetime experience. You will feel secure and safe, be at an arm’s distance to the bathroom, and leave the care for trivial matters back at home. A backyard campout also makes a great idea for a birthday party or night stay.

It’s Time to Pitch Your Tent

You don’t need to head out to a local equipment store to buy gears. Get a tent, bedrolls or sleeping bags, a backpack and flashlights are all that’s needed. And this is pretty much what everyone already has in their homes. Don’t take this camping experience for granted and make sure you have packed and brought everything to make it a real overnight trip. This Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent sets up easily and has enough room for 3 queen size air beds

Go Hiking Around the Neighborhood

Explore your neighborhood which you couldn’t do during your busy schedule. Wear your backpacks and go out to enjoy nature. Head out to roads or parks that you never visited before. Use GPS and plot a course for your kids to navigate it. Explore nature and pick up flowers and stones to assess later. And most importantly, don’t forget to take photos.

Fix the Campsite Together

Make sure everyone from the family participates in setting up the campsite. Involve kids in putting up the tent and unfolding the sleeping bags. Fix your sleeping spot and check if there’s everything you will need to spend the night. Check on pillows, battery powered nightlights, snacks, and beverages. If you planned on doing a BBQ, now is the time to set the grill or create a fire pit.

Pre-Dinner Activities

The real fun starts as the sun sets. Stargazing is one of the popular camping activities which leaves you awestruck upon finding constellations. Scavenger hunts can also be entertaining before it gets dark. You can make a list of items to find such as specific leaves, flowers and plants, or hide items like bottle caps, marbles, and other small items.

Enjoy a Wonderful Campsite Family Dinner

You daily get on to the dining table to have a family dinner. But campsite dinner will be an altogether a different experience. Make a rule that there will be no texting or electronic distraction. Now is the time for parents and kids to catch up with each other. Illuminate the dinner by creating a campfire or flashlights. Remember, dinner is the time for family bonding. Let nothing else take over it. Check out this longest-lasting camping lantern in the market.

Post-Dinner Activities

Once you are done with the dinner, it’s time for the dessert feast. It is also an interesting idea to tell ghost stories over flickering flames. You can also experience a family theatre by hanging up a white a bed sheet as a screen and watch a family movie under the bedrolls.

While your younger kids may feel sleepy during the movie-half, you don’t have to enforce a curfew over everyone. There will be giggles, tossing and turning but at some point, the kids will get tired and sleep.

Backyard camping is going to create wonderful memories which gave you an opportunity to re-bond with your family. Beside backyard camping, if you are planning to camp with your family, I’d suggest you give a read to and read up their travel blog for interesting ideas.

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