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It might be tough for you to present yourself for meetings or dates due to balding. Hair is considered as the symbol of beauty for a long time. It also refers to physical strength and that may be the reason we have so many hair care products available in the market. So, it can be annoying and can even lead you to mental instability. Now no worries about your baldness since you can have the best hair transplant in Kolkata, the cultural capital of India. Why do you want to choose your hair transplant in Kolkata?  What are the best hair transplant clinics in Kolkata? Below are all the details you might need regarding your hair transplant in Kolkata.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant can be defined as a surgical method in which hair follicles from the donor site are transplanted to the bald site in various ways. 

The most commonly followed hair transplant methods are FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). And among these methods, you will choose the best according to the bald, physical condition and doctor’s recommendation.

Why choose a hair transplant in Kolkata?

Kolkata, the former Calcutta can be your best destination for hair transplant. It has numerous hair transplant clinics and well-qualified hair transplant doctors. And due to the rise of medical tourism and growing demand, hair transplant in Kolkata is now cheap and affordable too. 

Transportation facilities available in Kolkata include the plane services (Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport), rail, metro, and taxis. It’s grand colonial architecture, art galleries and wide range of food items can add more bliss to your visit to Kolkata. The hair transplant clinics in Kolkata provide a solution not only for your baldness but also for restoring eyebrows, beard hair, chest hair, etc.

The average cost for hair transplant in Kolkata:

As mentioned above, Kolkata provides you with much cheaper as well as the best quality hair transplant when compared to various other places across the globe. The average cost of a standard hair transplant ranges from Rs.50,000 ($750) to Rs.95,000 ($1100) that is almost Rs. 30 to Rs.90 (0.44-1.17 USD) per graft. The amount may vary according to the method adopted, the experience of the physician performing the surgery and the location of the clinic. The average cost of hair transplant in Kolkata is much cheaper when compared to Europe or America.

FUE that is Follicular Unit Extraction is the most common type or method adopted in hair transplant in Kolkata. In the FUE method, the donor’s hair is taken from the back sides of the scalp. The advantage of this FUE method is that it heals at a faster rate, and the marks in the donor site are buried under hair, and they are barely noticeable. In FUT method of transplantation, a strip of hair is removed from the donor site to recipient site, whereas in FUE individual follicular units are excised directly from the scalp. Comparatively, FUE is less painful and commonly practiced among famous surgeons. 

List of few best clinics for hair transplant in Kolkata:


Maruti Building

12, Loudon Street, Kolkata


  • International certified surgeons
  • Affordable cost starting from Rs.55,000 
  • Follows both FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques.
  1. KAAYAKALP, cosmetic, and laser surgery clinic:

P-158, CIT Road

Kankurgachi, Kolkata


  • 15+ Years of excellent service
  • 8000+ satisfied customers
  • 0% EMI on hair transplant

28B, flat 4D Neelambar

Theatre Road, Elgin



  • Promises natural-looking results
  • EMI at 0% interest or 20% discount on transplantation
  • Starts at Rs.60,000

Sulathan Alam road

Near Central bank



  • Cost starts from Rs. 25 per graft
  • No consultation free
  • 0% EMI and up to 30% discount with no down payment
  • Scar free surgery
  • The pain-free procedure is done under Local anesthesia
  1. Dr. Paul’s advanced hair& skin solutions:

BB Block, sector 1

Bidhannagar, Kolkata


  • Introduces PDO (Polydioxanone) Hair Regrowth Treatment
  • Permanent solution for baldness
  • Provides online consultation 
  • Home delivery for the prescribed medicine

So now you may choose the best clinic for your hair transplant in Kolkata. No more worries you have for the hair loss. Now get your transplant at an affordable price and without a compromise over the quality. You can now go for your dates and business meeting with confidence.

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