Beauty Mommy’s Hack: 10 Essential Microneedling Aftercare Tips At Home

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Microneedling is a procedure used by some dermatologists to treat different skin conditions. Many small sterile needles are used to penetrate the skin and inflict physical damage. Microneedling improves collagen production and other healing factors, causing skin trauma. Collagen is the main protein that makes the skin look young, strong, smooth, and stretchy.

Aging allows collagen to decline in the skin, which will enable wrinkles and other symptoms of aging. The skin may also lose collagen because of injuries like acne scar, stretch marks, or other scars. It is important to remember that microneedling is not a fast fix because it requires new skin development. It can take a person several months to see the full effects of the procedure. Look at microneedling near me and see the recommended dermatologist for you.

1. Washing your face. 

Just clean your face with tidy water (not warm or cold) and a gentle cleanser for the first 72 hours following your microneedling procedure. Always make sure you clean your hands and touch the treated skin before washing your face. Dry your skin gently with a clean towel and do not use electric cleaning brushes at least one week after your procedure. Wash your skin gently.

2. Hydration and specialized serums are essential.

Since your skin feels drier than usual, you can also hydrate and restore the balance of your skin with a hyaluronic acid serum. Hydrating with ceramides and rubbing hydrating water will also help to soothe your skin if your skin is cold. Of course, try to drink plenty of water to hydrate and recover your skin more quickly.

3. Make the most of the regeneration of your skin.

Because microneedling promotes collagen production, collagen-stimulating peptides may make the most of this regeneration process. This will optimize the stimulation of collagen from the microneedling procedure.

4. Irritants and Makeup Avoidance.

Don’t wear maquillage for 24 to 72 hours following treatment so that your skin can relax and heal. Also, do not use a makeup brush, particularly a dirty brush at this time. When it is safe to use a makeup brush again, make sure that clean brushes will only cause skin irritation and infections when contaminated. During this rejuvenation, your skin is sensitive and curative to avoid any items that may irritate or block your pores.

5. Protect your face.

You should use only chemical-free topical lotions directly after your procedure. Therefore, it is best to stop the sun. You need to use a broad spectrum UVA / UVB SPF 25 or higher sunscreen if you have to go out into the sun. You can even use a sunhat if you are outdoors for a few brief moments.

Your activities would not only occur after the operation but will also protect the skin from premature aging as part of your daily day-to-day skin care routine.

6. No Exfoliation Required.

Should not use abrasive products like exfoliators and alcohol-based toners when the skin is healing. You have to note it’s healing and regenerating though it may be tempting to exfoliate your skin. You can only use products to relax and cure the skin during this period.

7. Hydrate with vitamins.

Immediately after microneedling, when the skin is most receptive to skincare and topics, the microneedling pathways become more permeable than natural. Sometimes the first 1-5 minutes after your care during this period are nutrients in your lower skin layers. Apply vitamin A, C, and E moisturizers with creams of hyaluronic acid that further promote cell rotation and combat / prevent damage to UV and environmental aggressors.

8. The effect of sunburn is natural.

Your skin can feel warm, dry, or touch-sensitive. Treat your skin softly by brushing it with gentle, cool water and drying your hands just 4 hours after treatment. Redness may also occur, and in some cases, patients may experience moderate bruising, which can last five to seven days, and occasional swelling for two to four days. Remove workouts that involve sweating, jacuzzi, saunas, and steam baths for up to 48 hours.

Use mineral makeup only after 24 hours. Sleep on the back of the bed with the head raised to reduce swelling or pain when needed.

9. Peeling can begin 3-5 days following therapy.

You may find skin dryness and flake due to increased skin cell turnover. Do not pick, scrape, or scrub on the skin handled! You ought to let the old skin flake off naturally and still keep it hydrated. Chat about which items to use to your skin specialist.

10. You should restart your daily skincare items once your skin is no longer irritated. 

In most cases, skin recovery in the months following their last operation has continued. Look up microneedling near me and see the recommended dermatologist that can help you with your microneedling experience.

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