Benefits of Integrating Technology with Household Chores

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Nobody really enjoys doing household chores, not unless you’ve had a couple glasses of wine and just float through it. Or you’re some kind of cleanfreak (envy). Those are the exceptions, but if like most normal people you hate household chores, technology has really improved it.

There’s so much news about technology that mainly revolves around iPhones and Tesla cars, the smart home device industry can get a bit lost in the noise. So if you don’t specifically follow that sort of thing, you’re likely not aware of the incredible advances that have been made in smart home technology, and how many devices exist that can nearly replace the most mundane of household chores.

In this article, I’m going to show you some of the coolest smart home devices for household chores, and the benefits of them (aside from the obvious ‘they do your chores! Duh!’).

Smart washing machines

I use Google Home to control the smart lighting in my house, and I think it would be so awesome to simply say, “Hey Google, do my laundry”. We’re not quite there yet as far as technology goes, but we’re really very close.

While you still need to organize, separate, and load the laundry yourself, a smart washing machine will typically have a smartphone app that lets you control various settings of the machine itself.

This includes scheduled washings, so you can just load the laundry bits at a time and have clean clothes when you need them, and automatic detergent feeding, which precisely measures out detergent during the loads. Bonus, this could help save on detergent if you’re a heavy-handed pourer.

You can find expensive models full of features in the $1,500+ price tag range, like the Samsung WV9900 FlexWash, or opt for Best Budget models like the GE 5.2 cu with SmartDispense. Washer and dryer combos are also available from various brands, but you still have to fold the laundry yourself. I find that part kind of relaxing though, when it’s all warm and fresh from the dryer.

I guess for a fully automatic laundry experience, you’d have to use a dry cleaning app, which isn’t a bad idea.

Robot vacuums

iRobot’s Roomba lineup may be the most well-known robot vacuum brand, but there are plenty of competitors out there, for all budgets. If you can spring $1,299 for the iRobot Roomba S9+, by all means, go for it. It comes with a lot of features like a unique anti-allergen system that traps pollen and dust, and a D-shaped body for deeper corner cleaning. The suction is also incredibly powerful.

But if you want to spend a bit less, the Ecovacs Deebot N79S has only a $229 price tag, and was awarded Editor’s Choice “Most Features for the Price” by PCMag, along with reviews of several other brands as well.

Robot window cleaners

Wiping the windows isn’t that bad of a chore, but it’s problematic if you have taller windows, especially ones that require stepladders to fully clean. In fact, 97% of around 500,000 falls from ladders in 2017 were related to household chores. They’re dangerous, especially for the elderly and around children!

In any case, robotic window cleaners are like Roombas for your windows. The robot window cleaner uses powerful magic (either vacuum suction or magnets) to stick to your window, then it just maps out a cleaning path. Presto, spotless windows.

Some good brands to research are Alfawise, EVOVACS, and WINBOT.

Other household chores

I only covered a few gadgets for the most dreaded chores, but there’s a lot of others out there. For the lawn, check out the Husqvarna Automower, and there’s certainly no shortage of smart dishwashers to choose from.

For managing it all in one app, Google Home can pair with a lot of brands of smart devices, and if you’re a little bit nerdy, you can use an app like IFTTT to create a whole bunch of “if/when” commands (i.e. “Turn off the lights and start the washing machine when I leave for work”).

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