Benefits of Using Clear PVC Plastics as Doors and Curtains 

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The easy-to-install and high-quality clear PVC strips offer an energy-efficient solution. The strips are increasingly used in sealing doorways, creating a partition, filtering noise, and preventing entry of dust. The PVC strips are a cost-effective way to transform a workplace, perfect for industrial, residential, commercial, and retail settings.

Clear Plastic PVC Strips Have Sturdy Properties

The plastic strips of the best quality are made of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride). It is one of the most commonly used thermoplastic polymers, naturally brittle and durable. The flexible and plasticized PVC is softer with amenable properties, and strips made from flexible PVC have higher thermal insulation. The plastic clear strips major are made from either flexible or rigid PVC.

  • The flexible PVC consists of an additional plasticizer that lowers the crystallinity. The plasticizers make the plastic flexible and give clearer visibility. The rigid PVC is stiffer and highly resistant to water, weather conditions, chemicals, and corrosion.
  • Both the flexible and rigid PVC are good insulators of electricity. However, the rigid PVC has good vapor barrier properties.
  • Flexible PVC has good resistance to UV, acids, alkalis, and various corrosive chemicals. The rigid PVC has higher chemical resistance as compared to the flexible PVC.

Better Alternative than Metal or Wooden Door 

PVC plastic is better than metal or wooden doors for indoor spaces. PVC doors are not recommended for the main door of the house or commercial property but are perfect for separating two areas. The PVC strip curtains or doors help create a more structured, organized, and accessible work environment. Plastic PVC strips are lightweight, affordable, and easy to push aside. It is suitable for industrial purposes:

  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Waterproof, resistant to corrosion and chemical damage
  • Ideal for food production plants and factories with pest control capabilities
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable, sturdy, and robust
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Common Applications for the PVC Clear Strips 

The PVC plastic is used as doors or curtains across many areas or properties like factories, warehouses, cold storage, etc. Its properties like energy efficiency, thermal or temperature control, and prevention of entry of dust and pollutants make it highly suitable for use.

  • Cold Stores – It is used across cold stores to ensure that the interior of the storage room maintains an ideal temperature. The use of the PVC clear doors prevents entry of airborne pollutants and pests and allows workers with hands-free access to the necessary points.
  • Warehouses – The PVC strip doors or curtains are used extensively in warehouse environments. It helps create separation while maintaining the internal temperature, controlling pest movement, and helping with noise reduction.
  • Food Production and processing – The PVC strip doors and curtains are used across many food production and processing units. It helps segregate the area, ensure energy efficiency, prevent contamination, control temperature, and maintain hygiene.

Transparent plastics are used across many other applications like restaurants, bars, offices, butcher houses, etc., to create a safe and separate environment. The common uses of the PVC strips in any set-up are for the following reasons:

  • Secondary Barriers – It facilitates better workflow and foot traffic as the strip door is easy to open without hand access. It is an excellent secondary barrier; hence, the primary door can be left open.
  • Temperature-controlled rooms – The strip curtains or doors are excellent in controlling temperature. It prevents temperature fluctuation and allows the regulation of the temperature, saving electricity and penetration of natural light.
  • Control noise and pollutant entry – PVC is used in canceling or lowering the noise levels and preventing entry of external pollutants. PVC is used for protecting workspaces from noise or air pollution.

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