Best Baby Beach Gear Items For Summer 2019

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Going to the beach is a fun family activity that many parents enjoy with their kids. However, any trip to the beach usually requires a variety of items you may need. This is especially true for parents of babies, because infants have particular needs that you’ll want to be prepared for.

However, once you know what essentials you should bring, you can confidently enjoy your time at the beach with your little ones.

Protective Sunscreen

Even if you already applied sunscreen to yourself and your child before you left the house, it’s always a good idea to bring sunscreen with you to the beach. You never know how fast it may start to wear off, so re-applying will help you and your tot avoid any nasty sunburns. One thing to consider, however, is the type of sunscreen you use. It may make sense to use any standard sunscreen for you and your child, but it isn’t as safe as you might think.

Babies under six months old shouldn’t be spending much time in the sun without extra protection. Ideal protection for a young baby might include a hat, clothing that offers plenty of coverage (such as rashguard), and sunscreen made specifically for babies. This is because the skin of a young child is very different from an adult’s skin, and they tend to need more protection. A children’s sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is usually an ideal choice.

A Swim Diaper

Worrying about what mess your little one may make in their diaper is practically inevitable for almost any parent going somewhere with a young child.

A waterproof beach diaper is an essential item for going to the beach with your baby, and you can choose between a reusable swim diaper or disposable ones.

The benefit to disposable diapers is that you can throw them in the trash when they’re no longer good to use.

However, reusable diapers are sometimes more budget-friendly, as well as eco-friendly. It may seem like a risky choice to opt for reusable swim diapers, but you could always purchase a few extra pairs to bring with you just in case. Regardless of whether you prefer reusable or disposable, it’s obviously a good idea to bring extras.

A Beach Tent 

Protecting your child from the sun’s rays doesn’t have to be limited to sunscreen and clothing items. Not only will a baby-sized sun tent will shield your little one from the sun, but it’ll also provide a great spot for diaper changes.

Pop-up sun tents can usually be set up in seconds, and are typically not costly to purchase. Keep in mind, however, that the tent should offer UV protection and include stakes to secure the tent’s position.

Beach Blankets

It may seem like an obvious necessity, but it’s easy to forget to bring a blanket to the beach. You can use one to provide a place for your baby to sit on the sand, or put it under your baby’s sun tent. A fancy blanket isn’t necessary, but you can purchase a water-resistant blanket or any type of outdoor kids’ blanket.

Disposable Bags for Wet Clothes and Sandy Items

You might be surprised at how handy a disposable bag may be for a trip to the beach. They can be easily used to hold disposable diapers until you can toss them in the trash, or to keep sandy clothes together until you get home. They’d also be great for carrying sand-covered beach toys or blankets. There aren’t really any specifications to look for when choosing disposable bags, but they should be durable enough to carry a few items of clothing or blankets.

Sand Toys

If your little one is old enough to enjoy playing with toys, bringing sand toys to the beach may be a good idea. There’s no guarantee that sand toys will be enough to keep a curious baby’s attention, but it’s worth a try. Sandcastle molds, mini buckets and shovels, and other items could be fun for your baby to play with.

Quarters and spare cash

This may seem like a very odd suggestion, but it’s always smart to bring extra quarters and money to the beach. This is because you may find yourself needing to use metered parking, which often requires quarters. Even if you don’t think they’ll be necessary, it may be a good precaution regardless. No one wants to have to worry about digging through the car for quarters while a baby is waiting in the backseat.

Baby Powder

This may also seem like an unusual item to bring, but it can be very useful for trips to the beach. Baby powder is great for gently removing sand from the skin. Babies’ skin is normally fairly sensitive, so baby powder is ideal for getting sand off.

A Waterproof Camera or Waterproof Phone Case

Although not a true essential items for a day at the beach with your baby, a waterproof camera may be an item you’d want to bring. So many precious moments and memories can be made at the beach with your baby, and you may want to capture them by taking photos. If you’re concerned about sand or water damage, you can always purchase a small waterproof camera or a disposable one.

Alternatively, if you prefer simply taking photos with your cell phone, you can purchase protective bags or cases that’ll ensure no sand or water gets in. You’ll get the ability to take quality photos of your little one having fun, without the hassle of avoiding sand or water.

Snacks & Teetherpops 

If your baby is still in the teething phase, this item may be a great idea for the beach. Not only will it cool your tot down, but it’ll also help soothe teething discomfort. A teetherpop for teething baby allows you to make your own mini popsicle for your baby to enjoy while sitting on the sand.

Other items you may want to consider bringing:

-Snacks and drinks

-Baby wipes

-A changing pad

-A bag to carry everything

Overall, these baby beach gear items are ideal choices for parents who are unsure of what to bring to the beach. It can seem overwhelming to decide what may be needed, but this list of essentials should provide you with enough knowledge to be prepared. Regardless of whether you have a million items in your beach bag or just the basics, you’ll surely enjoy your day at the beach with your little one. 

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