Best Brands For Men To Wear Bracelets In Style

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In modern society, more men are looking for ways to dress stylish and unique. Why women have so many different accessories and styles of clothes to choose from but men only have limited options. If you search “men’s bracelet” you will see a pattern of over 20% growth every year. Even with the demand for men wanting to look better has increased, we still could not find enough content and tips for men.

This year, we are keen to find more bracelet related topics and products to review. In that category, various new kinds of crystals too come into existence. Where people can explore facts like what is orgone pyramid and so on. With that been said, after months of looking into this industry, we narrow down to two categories: Premium quality but affordable & functional and stylish.

Why these two categories? As a man myself, I will not want to wear a low-quality bracelet on my wrist. It might give me allergies or even worst get laughed by my peers. Also, I want something that will not only look fashionable but also can have some sort of function. 
The luxurious jewelry brand – Azuro Republic

The Azuro Republic has over 30 years of history. The handcrafted process and the sophistication of the design with a price range of US$120- 200 give the brand a unique position in the market. 

The beaded bracelet with natural gemstones is not the first one in the market but the quality and the combination of gemstones and silver design does outshine the rest of the products.

I also learned recently they have ventured out into professional sports teams and professional tailor shops. You should find them in a lot of high priced tailor shops. Next time take a close look in a mall around you. 

The best-selected crowdfunding campaign in 2020 – ALVOTA Titanium Bracelet

I was amazed by the creation of this device. A portable cologne bracelet to be used anytime anywhere. 

ALVOTA Titanium bracelet is fashionable and stylish and can contain your cologne in the device. I was doubtful in the beginning, but after seeing the presentation and the detail specs. I am confident to say it is worthy to be named one of the best campaigns. 

We all be into situations where we need to smell good. But men want to carry light and don’t even want to bring a bag if it’s not necessary.  Now you have a solution to smell fresh, look stylish, and stay light. 
Its Titanium material gives you the flexibility of wearing anywhere without worrying about breaking your bracelet. ALVOTA is also waterproof, anti-corrosion, and a great conversation opener.

We want to introduce these two brands that can upgrade your style today. If you have any problem please feel free to contact them directly at [email protected]

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