Best Gifts To Buy For Kids in 2020

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Once or twice, we’ve paid the toy section a visit with our nephews or nieces. From the cuddly teddy bears to the high-tech mini gadgets, the variety of toys (un)neatly organized in one shelf is every child’s wonderland. But for us, adults, choosing just one gifting item in a gigantic pile of toys can be overwhelming. 

Is this toy age-appropriate? Is this something most kids her age would want for a gift? We’ve all been there. And it can get even more confusing once you factor in the impact of toys on child development, especially for infants and toddlers whose day revolves around sleeping, eating, and playtime. 

More so, research suggests that toys that are too gender-specific can actually have a counter-active effect on children. Barbie dolls and other feminine toys, for instance, can cause girls to overvalue physical appearance and carry this way of thinking later in life. 

Given these studies, it’s becoming increasingly important to pause and really give our gift-giving tradition the mindfulness and thoughtfulness it deserves. Shopping for toys is a serious business for children, and it should be for us, too. 

Good thing it’s 2020 and we’ve got all the chance to be creative in researching and selecting gifts for kids. From enhancing sensory skills to leveling up your child’s concrete thinking, these best buys have got you covered. 

  1. Melissa & Doug’s Learn-to-Play Piano

For 3 years old +

Got the next Beethoven under your roof?  You’ll never know unless you start early in exploring and nurturing your child’s natural gifts. Made for budding musicians, Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano was designed to help your child learn to distinguish between low and high notes, along with soft and loud sounds. And it comes with an easy-to-follow, colorful guidebook, too. 

But more than honing musical skills, there’s actually more to toy instruments than what meets the eye. According to a study conducted by USC, early musical training positively impacts children’s brain development–all the more reason why you should start visiting the musical toy section more frequently. 

  1. Magna Tiles 32-Piece Set

For 3 years old +

Ever heard of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) toys? They have been around for the past few years, but not all newbie parents understand the important role they play in developing a child’s creative thinking skills

STEM toys like the Magna Tiles 32-Piece Set develop fine motor skills, along with other important life skills. These toys inspire thought processes and are great ways to introduce complex concepts like symmetry, shapes, and colors. What’s more, experts also suggest that toddlers actually prefer playing (and learning) with educational toys, making STEM toys a great investment. 

The Magna Tiles 32-Piece Set is our personal favorite because it’s such a breeze to assemble and disassemble, and they come in glow-in-the-dark versions, too! 

  1. Ravensburger’s Five Little Fish Toy Set

For 3 years old +

Our childhood would never be complete without the little fish set we used to play with our dads, and to no surprise, this conceptual fishing set is still a great gift item for children nowadays. Only this time, it’s available in more varieties of shapes, colors, and dimensions. 

The Ravensburger’s Five Little Fish Toy Set comes with 5 fish sets, 36 lily pad cards, and 2 fishing rods. But instead of just catching fish, participants are asked to flip a card and choose the fish that they think will match the card. 

Fun and interactive, this fish set encourages team play while enhancing memory and matching skills.  

  1. Fisher-Price’s Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank 

For 6 months +

It’s hard to outgrow the Fisher-Price’s Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank, a toy that offers your child multi-functional play-and-learn features. Designed with over 40 developmentally-appropriate songs, this cute little piggy bank has two selections: level 1 boosts your child’s explorative stage by introducing simple activities that spark interests while level 2 encourages babies and toddlers to learn new phrases in Spanish. 

Inserting the multi-colored coins also requires planning and fine motor skills, which are the targeted developmental areas of the Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank. Its coins also help you easily introduce colors and numbers as your child develops, making it a clear winner in terms of versatility. 

  1. Lego’s Razor Crest Star Wars Playset 

For 10 years old+

The ultimate playset for a rising Jedi, Lego’s Razor Crest Star Wars playset is a dream-come-true for all lego and Star War fanatics out there!   

Much like the Magna Tiles 32-Piece Set, this STEM toy also develops a combination of motor, cognitive, and creative thinking skills, and studies and universities strongly agree, too. Over the years, Lego has been the favorite of many toddlers (and even teenagers and adults) because of the dynamics and complexity each set brings to the table. And kids especially love this new Star Wars Razor Crest version. 

Just one wrong move can take you a step backward, making it really important to put the right mix of patience and thoughtfulness into building each set. Aside from encouraging children to plan ahead and develop lateral and problem-solving skills, it also teaches the value of teamwork. 

A win-win for parents and children, Lego never gets kicked out of our top picks because it has all the elements that make an interactive and educational toy.

  1. Mini Tudou Baby Blocks

For 6 months +

Think there’s nothing special about baby blocks? Wait till you see Mini Tudou’s creative version! Free from sharp edges that can possibly injure an infant, the Mini Tudou baby Blocks come in a soft, chewable design. 

What’s more, it highlights the importance of touch when it comes to learning and development, thanks to its embossed numbers and designs, which help your child become more familiar with these concepts. And oh, there are also blocks with additions and subtractions so your child can easily learn mathematics at home! 

As 2020 continues, the trend towards toy-making is getting more and more centered on combining play with learning opportunities. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a child, look not just for shapes and colors, but for value and learning. 

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