Best Holiday Gift Ideas to Consider In 2019

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In a world where everything anyone could ever want is just an overnight shipment away, gift-giving is more complicated than ever. To find a gift that makes a statement without breaking the bank can seem impossible.

If you’re at a loss for what to buy your loved ones this gift-giving season, here are five inspiring ideas to consider for 2019.

Friendship Lamp

Being apart from the people you love is hard. A friendship lamp is a perfect gift for parents who have just sent their kids off to college, couples in a long-distance relationship, or best friends on opposite coasts. 

Friendship lamps come in pairs– one for each person. This wifi-enabled lamp emits a soft glow when touched, which emanates through both lamps regardless of distance. The idea is to touch the lamp when you’re thinking of the person on the other end. They’ll see that you’re thinking of them as the lamp lights up.

An alternative to this gift is a pillow that has the same effect. The pillow version is great for couples in which one person often travels for work as you can pack the pillow with you when you go.

Rose Quartz

Crystals have made a comeback as an aspect of mindfulness and meditation. According to FossilEra, rose quartz is one of the most desirable crystals due to its beauty and unique qualities. While rose quartz is found in large quantities, it never forms individual crystals the way other types of quartz do. Rose quartz symbolizes universal love, promoting self-love and friendship.

Give a sculpted rose quartz sphere or heart to someone you care about. Include information about what rose quartz represents so that they can be reminded of the reason behind it every time they walk into the room. You can also purchase small pieces of polished rose quartz to present with other crystals or contribute to the recipient’s existing collection.

Image source: FossilEra

Life Story Journal

A life story journal is a motivational journal that includes prompts. These prompts encourage the recipient to write passages that outline important events in their lives and capture who they are as a person. This is a great starting point for someone who has considered writing a memoir or someone who loves journaling. 

A life story journal is also an incredible gift for parents and grandparents, as an heirloom for future generations. Consider picking up two so you can get started on your own life story, as well.

Home Assistant

The world is going digital, and smart technology is the wave of the future. Within the next decade, it’s not unlikely that when you get home from work, your house will be the ideal temperature, supper will be ready, and the lights will be on before anyone steps through the door.

Buy someone on your list a home assistant to make the transition a little smoother. Home assistants can play music, order things online, schedule smart appliances to start working and add items to your calendar. Google expects that through AI integrations, they’ll even be able to call and book appointments and reservations for you.

Nightstand Charging Station

Ironically, we went from having phones with cords to mobile phones to smartphones, which need to be plugged in throughout the day to function correctly. The best way to start the day in the digital age is to wake up knowing that all of your devices are charged and ready to go, even when you aren’t.

A nightstand charging station can help the recipient reduce clutter and stay organized. Some night charging stations have speakers to play soothing music, hooks to hang headphones, and even lights to replace lamps. 

Think outside the box when buying gifts this holiday season. Be creative and buy presents that are both personal and functional. Remember, while giving is the greatest gift of all, no one will judge if you pick up a couple of these fantastic items for yourself.

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