Best Instagram Post Ideas to Help You Earn the Likes of Your Followers

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The key to the success of Instagram marketing is posting regularly to reach out to your followers. Then, you might be wondering what to post after all. If you already have loads of images and videos, you would like to edit them and share them on Instagram. Then, make sure you post the best quality content to wow your audience. You need to ask a couple of questions before posting content on Instagram. Which posts will work best for my business? Which content will help to grow my audience base? These are a few questions to ask and then, you can start posting once you get your answers. 

Instagram is full of activities and people post photos of their pets, food, new clothes, and even boyfriends. Again, people post loads of travel, nature, and animal photos to keep followers hooked. 

According to an article published on INC, if you have a small business to manage, you need to initiate a conversation on Instagram using visuals and text to build a rapport with your audience. 

In this article, you will learn about some of the best IG post ideas to help garner more likes from your followers. Read on to learn more. 

Make the most of behind-the-scenes images or videos

When you have an online business and want to make your mark on social media, you need to give your best. Share high-quality, stunning posts and messages that resonate with your followers each time you post content on Instagram. You need to post the best content daily and if you fail to do so, your existing followers will look for some other Instagram profile and start following and liking their posts. That is the last thing you would like to experience. 

For example, if you look at the Game of Thrones posts on Instagram, they are awesome. It shows how rich their visuals were in every episode. That is what generates interest among followers. The same rule holds when it comes to your business and product images or videos on Instagram. You need to create the same impact with your Instagram photos and videos, especially when it comes to the behind-the-scenes shots. 

Your posts need not look too curated when it comes to behind-the-scenes images, but they must look authentic. Your followers should know that there is a human face behind your brand. When you share a casual shot related to daily office operations, how employees have fun during lunch hours, or a day out with your staff, such content resonates with your followers. You need to capture the reality and practicality of life and people would love that genuineness or authenticity. 

Make sure you post behind-the-scenes shots that people can relate to easily. Else, no one will follow your business on Instagram. 

Share genuine photos 

On Instagram, all that matters is genuine, real posts that people can associate with easily. You need to show the real side of your brand. Do not go for celebrity endorsements because celebs sometimes overdo things and end up looking unreal or fake. Besides, if you would like to gain more likes and followers for your IG posts, you need to study websites like

Then, that does not mean all celeb posts look artificial. For example, some posts of Selena Gomez look simple as well as authentic. In other words, you need to show the real side of your personality on Instagram to gain more follower likes. 

You may use simplicity to make your audience laugh. You might be wondering how. You can share weird posts too that look funny, unique, and humorous. It is not necessary to share formal content on Instagram all the time. Based on what you would like to convey to your followers, figure out, what kind of content you would like to post on Instagram. 

Instagrammers love humor, fun, and honesty. When your brand can crack a joke about itself yet enjoy the better things in life, many users will like to tag on the way. 

When you are honest and genuine with your audience, your Instagram posts gain the power to connect with your followers. 

You will find a healthy middle ground lying in someplace between fakeness and genuineness. When the IG posts look unreal, Instagrammers can tell that and would unfollow you. Again, when your posts look authentic, you will gain more likes and followers. What you need is the right dose of authenticity and honesty when it comes to Instagram posts. 

Make the most out of product teasers

Have you thought of selling your products by leveraging IG product teasers? Instagram is the best platform to promote your products and when you use teasers professionally, you will not drive your audience away. 

Many brands are skeptical of being too pushy these days when it comes to their product advertisement. They fear hard selling and being extremely demanding will make them lose Instagram followers. That is why you need to use product teasers to talk about your merchandise without being too pushy. 

For example, you can use a product teaser image highlighting a set of men’s clothes, ties, accessories, and shoes with a persuasive 60 percent discount message. People will show interest in such a huge discount. Make sure the post looks stunning. Many brands are using this strategy and their ads did garner 30k likes and more than 500 comments. 

If you are into the apparel business, there is much scope for IG advertisement. That is because teasers do not look pushy and tempt people to buy a product with the discount shown in the Instagram photo. 

You can also use product teasers to highlight your seasonal items without forcing your audience to purchase them. When you trigger shoppers’ interest in a product they love, you do not need to hard-sell your items. All you need to do is tease them with stunning IG images and some mouthwatering deal. 


Instagram will grow more popular in the days to come. Therefore, you need to make sure that you create unique posts that followers will like and even choose to buy your stuff. Use the tips mentioned to start your Instagram marketing journey. 

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