6 of the Best Luxurious and Fancy Brands of 2019

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When it comes to buying designer brands, the possibilities seem endless. How do you really know which fancy brands are high quality and which are just a label? Keep reading as we break down the 6 best luxury brands and fashion of 2019 that are worth investing in.

1. Gucci: The Most Popular Of The Fancy Brands

Gucci has risen ahead of its competitors this year. The market share and sales for this luxury brand are up all thanks to affluent Millenials’ obsession with this Italian brand. 

This brand has quickly become a favorite of influencers, mainly for this brand’s accessories like their designer sneakers, Princetown slippers, and classic belt with the GG logo. Affluent younger buyers have really taken this brand by social media storm.

This brand even appointed a committee of digital natives that are Millenials. This allows Gucci to have better engagement with their younger generation, as Millenials now make up more than half of Gucci’s customers. 

2. Louis Vuitton

This famous French luxury house’s brand significantly grew this year. All thanks to the announcement that Virgil Aboh known for his streetwear and digital powered designer, would be their new Artistic Director of menswear. 

This brand also has a very hyped collaboration with Supreme. This cult streetwear brand from New York that has a loyal following, leading Louis Vuitton to connect with the most sought after luxury shoppers, rich Millenials. This opened up a whole new market of previously untapped customers. 

3. Tiffany

This American high-end jewelry brand makes products ranging from crystal, fragrances, stationery and of course jewelry. Their tiffany blue boxes have remained a status symbol in American culture over the years.

In 2018 this brand tried to appeal to Millenials, moving this designer away from being a gifting brand, and into a self-purchasing brand. Tiffany did this with campaigns around young faces like Lady Gaga, Elle Fanning and Zoe Kravitz which gained this brand a lot of the right attention. 

4. Fendi

The Italian house of Fendi is known for its ready-to-wear leather goods, fur, fragrances, timepieces, eyewear, and accessories. This brand was founded in Rome in 1925 and continues to produce popular pieces like its Baquette, Peekaboo or Penquin handbags. 

5. Prada

This Italian luxury brand was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada. Over the years this label has become one of the most notable luxury brands in the world. This brand has captured new interests with its new product lines such as its popular nylon belt bags and Cloudburst sneakers. 

6. Balenciaga

This label is part of Kering, the French luxury group. This label has become one of the fastest-growing brands in the world. Designer Demma Gvasalia has reinvented Balenciaga with its streetwear and athleisure.

This new style has attracted Generation Z and Millenial shoppers who make up sixty percent of this brand’s customers. 

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Now that you know the six best fancy brands out there, it’s time to go shopping. When shopping designer since it’s an investment, make sure you’ll love that piece for years to come. For more lifestyle resources, be sure to check out our blog.

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