Best Tips To Maintain Your Sewing Machine

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For all sewing machine buffs, sewing machines are the main tool that they want to keep in perfect shape. If you have used a sewing machine, you need the best sewing machine maintenance tips.

Well, maintenance of sewing is not as challenging as it may seem. If you have ever thought about how to maintain the sewing machine perfectly, we can help you. 

Overlooking the maintenance of your sewing machine may cost you too much. Maintenance of sewing machines doesn’t need too much work. A well-maintained sewing machine works perfectly, and it will help you get better stitches. Thus, stop ignoring little problems in your sewing machine by getting to know about these little tips.

With thousands of sewing machines available on platforms like, it can be a challenging task to offer the best tips for all machines separately. 

Use these tips with the machine manual you have received, and you will add years to the life of your sewing machine.

Maintenance tips

Sewing machine maintenance is quick as well as easy. In fact, you will need more time to read this article than to get to know about the sewing machine maintenance tips. So, instead of facing the potential problems, you can follow these tips.

Use these tips to clean your machine perfectly.

Clean your machine part by part


Try to check the user manual of your sewing machine before you clean the machine. Every sewing machine comes up with directions. Cleaning the exterior part of the machine is quite easy, but once you open up the machine, the task of cleaning becomes quite challenging. Thus, instead of scratching your head, make sure to start cleaning the machine part by part. Follow the instructions carefully. 

Open one part of the machine, clean it and then open the other part. This way, you won’t have to face confusion, and each part of the machine will be cleaned perfectly. As long as you follow up the process of machine parts removal perfectly, you don’t have to worry at all. 

Brush the machine

Dust and dirt build-up can affect the smooth operation of your sewing machine. To get rid of this problem. Try to quickly brush the machine. This will help you in stopping the dirt accumulation, and it will also stop the bigger problems in the future. Start the cleaning process by using a clean brush. Try to move the brush gently to remove any dirt and dust debris.

Compressed air cleaning


After completion of each sewing project, try to clean your machine perfectly. The thread in the machine can lead to lint build-up. Compressed air can get to the parts where the brush or other cleaning equipment can’t get inside. So, use the compressed cleaning process to remove the thread lint and other build-up. When you are using the compressed air for cleaning the machine, make sure to clean areas like the bobbin area and the machine tension wheel.

Wipe the machine after use

If you want your sewing machine to work perfectly for years, it is important to clean the machine after every use. Wipe the machine every now and then. You don’t need to clean the machine by using a brush every day. 

Unplug the sewing machine and use a clean rag or cloth to get rid of dust. Clean the areas where the dust may accumulate.

Cover the machine


You can easily get rid of the dust. But, to provide maximum protection to the machine, make sure to cover it. 

Some machines do not come up with a cover. Thus, you can sew a cover yourself that can offer maximum protection to your sewing machine. 

Oiling of the machine

Your sewing machine has lots of moving parts. Just like you use engine oil for your car so that it can run perfectly, using oil for your sewing machine can be helpful in running the machine perfectly. A well-oiled sewing machine will enable the machine to move freely, and you won’t have to face too many problems. 

Many sewing machines come up with their own oil. You need to use those oils only in the machine. Try to use a quality sewing machine oil to avoid any issues. Try to use the user manual before you oil the machine. Some machines also come up with self-lubricating techniques. Don’t use lubricating oil for those machines. You don’t need to use too much oil in the machine. Try to use only a few drops of oil to your machine.

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