5 Best Types Of Tiles To Consider For Your Home

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Tiles are a great addition to any home and provide numerous benefits when compared to other flooring choices. Before choosing tiles, it can be beneficial to know more about the different tile options and which areas in the home they are most suited to.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles can be purchased in various patterns, sizes and colors. They complement most décor styles and furnishings, are fade and scratch resistant and have a longer life expectancy. They are perfect for both wall and floor tiles, however, it’s worth noting that they may not be utilized interchangeably since flooring tiles have a higher abrasion defiance. Top room choices for ceramic tiles would be kitchens, lounges, bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are made from ceramic, however, are fired at more significant temperatures than the case is with ceramic. You can opt for either unglazed or glazed porcelain. They can withstand deep abrasion, moisture and frost, and is suited for outside areas if they’re not polished, since moisture can make them very slippery. Porcelain tile are ideal for high-traffic areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are easier to install than your natural stone tiles. These tiles can imitate wooden planks or natural stone beautifully for both indoor and outdoor use. Just ensure you find a tile levelling system when doing the installation, yourself to avoid tile lippage. Always ensure the surface you’re tiling is level. This is essential since uneven areas must be filled and levelled. 

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles include granite, slate, sandstone and natural marble like travertine. They all look different to each other but are a valuable investment since their color doesn’t fade. However, bear in mind, all these tiles must be sealed to avoid staining. Stone tiles offer outstanding variations of both color and pattern, but the installation process might be more complex than porcelain or ceramic tiling options. It is worth investing in professional installation since they can take care of sealant as well. Natural tiles are perfect for the outdoors since they are resistant to sun and rain and are durable, given they’ve been sealed against staining. 

Inkjet Tiles

Consumers are always looking for flooring choices that will offer them the most value for the longest term, bearing in mind that cheaper options won’t last as long and are more susceptible to wear. Inkjet tiles provides customers with on-trend finishes they are looking for without having to break the bank to obtain the appearance they are after. These stunning tiles offer a viable substitute for homeowners who are embarking on their home improvement projects and are looking for a natural look, but their budgets don’t permit for solid wood or natural stone flooring options. Inkjet printing technology permits for high-definition printing on irregular surfaces like porcelain or ceramic tiles. This has resulted in the development of tiles that appear precisely like natural stone and wood with a much cheaper price tag.

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