Best Way to Encourage Your Kids to be Physically Active

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Little kids are very enthusiastic to get involved in various activities. It is because they are curious to know all new things, but the kids become lazy as they get older. According to health experts, every child should do at least 60 minutes of workout, exercise or some physical activity to maintain their health.

As a responsible parent, you want your child to exercise every day but your child is denying it. First, you need to understand that the kids always do things which they find interesting. If you order them to do something they lack interest in, they won’t do it. In such circumstances, you have to find some innovative ideas to get your kids moving and exercise by themselves.

Adults go to the gym or do daily exercise at home, but the kids may not like to do that. Even if you force the kids, they will do it for one or two days. Therefore, we recommend you to refer our creative ideas to make your kids doing physical activities every day. Our ideas will not only improve your kids’ health but also help to develop their skills.

Being outdoor allows kids to learn more about their surroundings and contributes to their Physical development. The best way to peel your kids away from the tv screens and electronic devices is to give them play equipment such as outdoor playhouse with slide, while playing with playhouses and other outdoor toys they will put a lot of energy into playtime and that’s leads to boost in physical development. Plus, a day spent running around kids experience a variety of sensory exposure as they smell new smells, hear different sounds, and perceive different temperatures.

Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time

Most kids, nowadays, keep their eyes on a computer or television for long hours. You must restrict the screen time for your kids as it will harm their eyes, brain and body as well. After watching movie or playing game for 3-4 hours, your kids will get tired. It is better to reduce your kids’ screen time to maximum 2 hours a day.

When you try to get your kids out of the house, they will refuse your idea. But you have to be creative and strict at the same time. We say “creative” means you have to suggest an interesting idea which your kids cannot refuse. We say “strict” means you must take your kids out for some physical activity everyday even if they don’t want to.

#1. Jump the Rope

Jumping the Rope is one of the best exercises for kids of all ages. It is interesting as well as involves great physical activity. You can jump rope in front of your children so that they have some interest and curiosity about it. You should teach your children about how to jump the rope and then help them to do it.

You can give the rope to your child so that s/he can play by self. You can also do it as two persons holding the rope from each side and the child is in the middle. As the two persons move the rope around, the child has to jump. Whatever method you choose, do it carefully so that no one gets hurt while playing. It will improve your children’s physical health. If your child is below 6 years then you should not try this game.

#2. Join Martial Arts Coaching

Every kid should learn Judo, Karate or Martial Arts from a coaching center. You should find a coaching class nearby to get your child’s admission in it. The martial arts is a skill that requires concentration and physical activities. Joining the martial arts class will automatically improve your children’s health.

When your children start going to martial arts or karate class, you will see them more active then earlier. If the coaching duration is one hour, ask your kids to practice daily for one hour at home. It will strengthen your kids’ muscles, improve their physical health and make their mind more peaceful.

#3. Play Sports Games

We talked to many kids to know why they don’t exercise on a regular basis. Most of the kids in our survey told us that they lack interest in doing exercise. It is possible that the kids find it boring to do workout at gym or home. So, we have an idea for you, get your kids involved in some sports games.

Most kids love to play at least one sports game, so you don’t need to insist much. Just find out your kids’ favorite sports and ask them to play out with their friends. You should also participate in the game to encourage your children. You can play cricket, football, basketball, badminton and many other games in your backyard.

#4. Get a Trampoline

A trampoline can provide a lot of fun as well as exercise benefits at the same time. You will hardly find a child that does not like to jump on a trampoline. We suggest you to get the best trampolines for kids and install the same in your backyard. If your kids bounce on the trampoline for 30 minutes a day, it will improve their physical health, make their muscles & bones stronger and develop balance & coordination in them.

#5. Learn Dance

Dance is an art that loved by all kids and adults. You should know if your kids are interested in dancing and yes then which kind of dance they like. It can be classical dance, zumba dance, hip-hop dance, ballet dance, folk dance, tap dance and others. You should find a nearby dance classes and send your children there to learn dancing.

Dancing involves so much physical movements that it will make your children very active. Not only that, when your child learns dancing, s/he has to focus on it. So, it will improve their concentration power. Overall, learning dance will develop your children’s skill and improve their physical & metal health.

Over time you will see that not only are your children growing up in a healthy and physically fit manner (they will fall ill less often), but they have picked up on an exciting new skill that will help them with their confidence levels. They can pick up certifications along the way and this is something that they will treasure later on in life. To understand this better, read more.

#6. Do Bicycle Riding

You can go on a bicycle ride with your kids. If your don’t have bicycles then either rent them or buy them for yourself and your children. You can train your kids on how to ride a bicycle and then go on a long ride with them. Riding bicycle involves physical activity, so it will make your child physically healthy within a few days.

When your child is riding the bicycle, s/he has to keep pushing the pedals and holding the handle steady. It will improve your child’s concentration ability, balance & coordination and also make their physically stronger than earlier.

Wrapping Up:

When you see that your children is not doing any physical activity or exercise, you must not scold them. Instead of insulting your children, you should find a way to get them do some exercise or physical activity on their own. The best way to make your children active is to know their interests and suggest them something from it.

In addition, you have to be a role model for your children. If you are physically strong and active then your children will automatically follow you. In this way, you can get your children away from TV, computer and videos games as well as get them do some exercise workout.

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