Best Ways To Combine Your Black Tea and Enjoy Its Benefits

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Although it may seem like tea is a plain drink to many people, it is certainly not your average beverage. Drinking tea is a great way to take a break, find peace, and clear your head. There are almost endless different varieties, where every single one has a different nutritional composition.

Perhaps one of the most common varieties out there today is black tea. It is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and is often flavored with various fruits, spices, or herbs. What we know to be black tea has a reddish color, which occurs when the tea leaves are allowed to fully oxidize. After being picked, the leaves are dried at high temperatures and when the leaves react with oxygen, oxidation takes place which causes the leaves to darken. Black tea does not lose flavor through storage unlike other teas and is, therefore, the tea that has been imported the most over the years.

Drinking your favorite cup of tea every day may become a little monotonous. For this reason, we have picked out several ways in which you can combine your black tea, while at the same time enjoying the health benefits it offers.

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Black tea it as the ultimate breakfast starter

Black tea is a classic breakfast drink that brings your senses to life and gives you a perfect start to the day. We recommend serving it with a splash of milk to bring the robust flavors to life in the right way. The full-bodied taste and delicious aroma will help you start the day in the best way possible so that you can handle both a day of gloomy and rainy clouds or perfect sunny weather.

To create a perfect match, breakfast tea requires a good and tasty breakfast. Whether you prefer an egg sandwich with ham or a bowl of oatmeal as the first meal of the day, black tea is the ultimate breakfast drink that will enhance the character of pretty much everything.

Mix it with honey and cinnamon for a balanced blood pressure

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Black tea is a stimulating drink, and also the tea that contains the most caffeine. For this reason, many recommend it as the perfect yet healthy replacement for coffee. By drinking it, you can activate your body and mind, and become more awake and attentive. You can even balance low blood pressure.

However, caffeine has a rapid but limited effect. Therefore, we recommend that you combine black tea with some cinnamon and honey. Both ingredients are stimulants that do not affect or strain the nervous system. They give you energy and fight both mental and physical exhaustion in a completely natural fashion.

Black tea with a flavor of coconut milk and turmeric for a stronger immune system

If you need to strengthen your immune system and boost your defenses, black tea can be the answer to your needs. However, we recommend that you combine it with two very effective ingredients – coconut milk and turmeric.

Coconut milk has lauric acid, known for its antiseptic properties and helps your body fight infections caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Turmeric doesn’t only boost your immune system but is also recommended for people that suffer from immune disorders.

We recommend that you first prepare black tea with turmeric. After a few minutes, you can then add coconut milk and sweeten it with honey or stevia.

The result is a calming drink that activates the metabolism, warms you up, and helps you prevent various infections that could attack your body. In addition to this, it creates a delicious creamy flavor and you can serve it hot or cold.

Try out your black tea with anise for fluid retention

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One of our suggestions is for the people who might suffer from fluid retention, swelling, heaviness, inflammation, and edema in different parts of the body.

Anise, or aniseed, has strong health-promoting properties, but it is also recommended as an excellent diuretic.

By combining black tea with anise, you will get a delicious and pleasing aroma and a healthy drink that can decrease water retention. This way you can produce more urine and eliminate excess fluids in the body.

Add mint to your black tea for good digestion

Drinking black tea after a meal is good for facilitating and improving your digestion. Thanks to its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, it is good for avoiding diarrhea and other similar gastrointestinal disorders.

You can also combine tea with mint leaves or fresh mint as it is also known as some of the best natural remedies for digestive problems. This tea is not only delicious, but a great way to help an upset stomach.

Make sure to be cautious when drinking this tea with food if you are anemic, as the tannins found in black tea inhibit iron absorption. In that case, make sure that you do not drink it with meals.

Replace sugar in black tea with stevia for diabetics

Insulin resistance is more common than people think. Among its symptoms, we find an accumulation of fat around the abdomen, fatigue, insomnia, and hair loss.

To prevent and treat this condition, it is recommended that you consume things that reduce blood sugar levels. One of these is black tea, which is excellent due to its hypoglycemic power.

However, avoid sweetening it with sugar, as it may aggravate the condition. The best way to sweeten tea is to use stevia – a plant that reduces blood sugar levels.

Final thoughts

The health benefits that black tea offers can be quite impressive. To name just a few, it can improve the heart’s health, reduce the risk of diabetes, fight cancer, and reduce any stress you might be experiencing. A cup of quality black tea can be a healthy addition to your diet.

It is also a good option if you currently want to reduce your coffee consumption. By exchanging a cup of coffee for a cup of black tea, you can still get a boost of mental alertness but with less caffeine.

You can also experiment with all the delicious varieties of this tea to find out which one best suits your taste buds. In the article above we tried to give you some ideas on how to experiment with your tea and make it more exciting when going about your daily routine.

In the end, the most important thing is to make your tea time a relaxing moment for yourself as it will make the benefits even greater.

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