Beverage: Orange Hot Chocolate

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Orange Hot Chocolate
Makes 10 Servings
12Ounces Premium White Chocolate
8Cups Milk
1Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
2Drops Orange Food Color
WhippedCream and Chocolate Nonpareils, For Garnish
1. Coarselychop the white chocolate and transfer it to a medium-size heatproof bowl. Set aside.
2. Heatmilk in a medium saucepan over medium heat until bubbles begin to form at edgeof surface, about 4 minutes. Immediatelypour milk over chocolate. Stir untilchocolate is melted and mixture is smooth.
3. Whiskin vanilla and food color, then continue to whisk until a light foam forms onsurface. Pour into 10 mugs and garnishwith whipped cream and chocolate nonpareils. Serve immediately.

Recipe Credit: Halloween by Matthew Mead
Photo Credit: Kaboose

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