Birthday Party Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Special Day Extra Special

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Birthdays are the most awaited time of the year. Be it adults or kids, everyone looks forward to celebrating their born day. But for kids, this day is extra special and they patiently wait all year long to celebrate it.

Parents, too, do their best to celebrate their little ones’ birthday in a fun way to make it most memorable for them. Some opt for themed birthday parties, while others go out and choose the best Dubai birthday party deals for this purpose. 

On this note, let’s take a look at some fantastic birthday ideas you can choose from to celebrate your kid’s birthday:

Pick Out a Venue

Before you begin, you need to decide on a venue. You can easily arrange your kid’s birthday in your house or in a nearby park. Hosting in both of these venues will be pretty convenient for you as it will be easy to arrange, manage and it won’t cost you a lot.  

So, let’s get started!

Pool Party

Summer birthdays are the perfect occasion to beat the heat. Host a pool party for your kid’s birthday and make them a hero within their friend circle instantly. Pool parties are always a hit be it kids, tweens, teens or even adults. Everyone loves dipping in water and having fun during the scorching summer heat

If you’ve your own backyard pool, you’re all set for the party with just some decorations and a menu. If you don’t have access to a pool, no issue! You can easily make your own by filling up an inflatable one.  

Water Fight

Another great idea for throwing a summer birthday party is by organising a water fight. This option is well suited for kids of all ages but children 5 years and up will have more fun.

Setting up a water fight is pretty easy. You need to gather all water toys i.e., water guns, sprinklers, super soakers, buckets and water balloons. Other than these, remember to have a good supply of dry towels to dry the kids later on. Ask the parents to pack extra clothes for kids that they can wear at the time of cake cutting.

Movie Night

Suited for all seasons, arranging a movie night for your kids and their friends is another way of making your kid’s birthday epic. You can easily set up a screen back in your backyard, basement or lounge. All you need is a projector and a white sheet.

For arranging it in your backyard, cover the grass with blankets, chairs, throw pillows, cushions and other comfy sitting items. Pop up some corn, fry some nachos and serve some drinks. You can cut the cake and serve food before the movie or after it, whenever you like as per your schedule.

Sleepover Party

This party is suitable for older kids. Take permission from your kid’s friends’ parents and invite them over for a night stay at your place. You can make their stay a night of festivities by arranging party food, games and movies.

Be it a boy or girl, your kid is going to love this sleepover party.

Head Over to the Beach

If you live in a city that happens to be near the sea such as Dubai then you can even plan a day out to the beach. Arrange a picnic with just your family or you can invite some close friends of your kids over to celebrate their birthday. There are many fun things that you can do at the beach. You can make your kids build sandcastles, go for a swim or play volleyball with their friends etc.

However, be extra cautious when you take your kid’s friends along with you because the beach can be dangerous.

Camping Out

This birthday party idea is going to be a hit for your tweens or teens, especially boys. Invite over their friends for a camping experience. Set up tents in your backyard and let the kids enjoy themselves. You can also arrange bar b que for them but do it under your supervision.

In all,  making their kid’s special day extra memorable is every parent’s dream. We hope that the ideas mentioned earlier will definitely help you in throwing an awesome party for your kid. Also, if you have gotten them enrolled in summer camps for kids in Dubai or any other classes, make sure to send them with sweets on their birthday. They will surely love the attention they will get there. 

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