Board Games That Can Help You With Studying

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As they say, too much study without exercise may dull your thinking. Board games break the monotonous learning and help students to develop cognitive and creative skills. They also help learners to establish healthy relationships between them as they interact and solve problems together. As such, board games form an essential tool that every teacher or learner should include in their toolkit. In this article, we have discussed various board games that may help you sharpen your skills in learning. Check them out.


Scrabble is a classic word game of all time. It has been in existence since 1938. The game involves two to four players. The players create words by placing lettered tiles on 15 by 15 square grids. The words formed on the gameboard should be in the regular or the lexicon dictionary and must resemble the crossword fashion. When used in learning, this tool for scrabble can enrich your English vocabulary with over 260,000 words. The word game can also help you to develop more strategic thinking, which you can employ in your learning. You can play the game against your friend online from anywhere.


Taboo is a game for describing words, and it involves the use of cards. Each card contains the primary term and other related words below it. The game has no limited number of participants and can even be played in groups. The players are required to explain the main word without using any of the related words below it. You need to be creative to succeed in this game. Apart from developing your creative skills, the Taboo game also allows you to learn new synonymous or related words, thus expanding your knowledge. The game is accessible online using an iPhone or Windows phone.

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time is a storytelling game involving the use of cards and a group of players. Each participant is given a card containing a section of a story and then allowed to narrate their part in turns. The participants are, however, allowed to withdraw their cards and tell the story their way. No one emerges as the winner of the game as the idea is to develop their creative skills and get the fun they derive from the play. Engaging in the

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