Bone Broth: Reasons Why You Should Try It

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Nutrient drink made with bones and vegetables

If you’re constantly throwing away leftover but marrow-rich bones, you could be wasting a potential bone broth. Think about it: a nutrient-dense drink obtained by simmering animal bones such as beef, turkey, pork, chicken, or even fish, can elevate a meal experience.

If you want more spices to your bone broth, you could even throw in vegetables like celery, onions, fresh herbs, carrots, and garlic for extra flavor. You can even use a mix of different bones like feet, knuckles, and oxtail, mixing and matching bones of the same livestock.

If you’re still having doubts about making and drinking this hearty broth, here are the five top reasons why you should try it:

You Can Digest Better

Not only does collagen in your bone broth encourage healthier hair, skin, and nails, but it also promotes better digestion. Since quality bone broth has high levels of collagen, this healthy drink can help soothe your intestines, reduce inflammation, and ultimately – restore a gut’s mucosal lining.

Additionally, since your digestion has improved, you can look forward to more minor gastrointestinal issues such as constipation, diarrhea, and bloating! Because of these health benefits, bone broth has been the ultimate craze for a healthier lifestyle, gaining attention in the US and the UK.

For health enthusiasts, health-conscious cafes that center meals on bone broth variations are the ultimate must-haves. In the UK, the demands for this healthy drink skyrocketed due to bone-broth advocates. If you want to get a full taste of these benefits, you could always check out what Best bone broth uk has in store for your gut and digestive issues.

A Positive Difference in Your Nails, Skin, and Hair

As mentioned above, collagen can be found in bones; it’s a protein that supports the growth of your nails, skin, and, most significantly, your hair. Your body uses the amino acids in the collagen you consume. You can easily obtain supple skin and healthy nails and hair by adding bone broth to your diet.

Likewise, a 2019 study even highlighted the benefits of collagen, having improved the skin of the study participants for three months. In the study, the participants’ skin hydration, density, and elasticity improved, vital factors to forestall ageing. Thus, if you’re constantly struggling with dry skin, unhealthy nails, or damaged hair, it’s time to add bone broth to your drinking habits.

Better Mental Health

Prevention of your gastrointestinal issues is also synonymous with a better overall mood. A 2017 study found that any inflammation in your digestive tract can place stress on microbiomes and leads to the release of cytokines. When released, these toxins can cross over from the gut to the brain, which may then cause anxiety or even depression.

You may also want to include bone broth if you have trouble sleeping. It turns out that the amino acid glycine (which helps one relax) is contained in bone broth. In multiple studies, glycine was also found to promote sleep, which greatly benefits those with difficulty sleeping. Not only this, but it also reduces sleepiness during the day, increases memory, and improves your overall mood.

More Minor Bouts of Acid Reflux

With bone broth in your diet, you can also expect fewer heartburns (an irritation where acid flows back into the esophagus from the stomach). Most cases of acid reflux stem from your food, such as fried food, alcohol, or dairy products, so it’s best to avoid it and incorporate bone broth into your diet.

You can expect lesser instances of heartburn since it not only strengthens the lining of your intestines but your esophagus as well. By doing so, you gain the opportunity to remove the foods causing heartburn and, overall, integrate a healthier lifestyle free from acid reflux.

It Can Shed a Few Pounds

For those looking for ways to shed a few pounds, incorporating bone broth into your diet is worth a try! Since it’s low on calories, you can expect a decrease in belly fat. Likewise, since it’s mainly high in protein, it can help improve one’s appetite control and maintain muscle mass. The increased protein in your bone broth will also mean that you satisfy your hunger and stay full.

Moreover, if this diet is paired with resistance training, a 2015 study found that it highly decreased body fat and increased muscle mass in 53 men. Thus, with such an arsenal in your diet, you’d no longer have trouble shedding a few pounds to maintain your desired body weight.

Final Thoughts

Instead of wasting your leftover bones from daily meals, it’s time to start saving them to make your bone broth. You could even buy quality bone broth if you want. Indeed, adding this drink to your life allows you to access a healthier lifestyle with an even more healthy body and mind.

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