Boosting Body Confidence After Baby

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Among women of all ages, body image confidence is currently at an all-time low, with 56 percent of women stating they are dissatisfied with their bodies. This statistic also includes women who are either pregnant or postpartum as studies show that after giving birth, most women experience insecurities around their new bodies

The female body is remarkable in many ways—one of which is it’s capability to create and sustain life and deliver babies. However, the rapid changes that occur to the body to allow the miracle that is childbirth cause 50-70 percent of women to experience postpartum depression, which also results in loss of body confidence. But don’t worry, we’re here to share four practical tips that can help you learn to embrace your new, magical body and get your confidence back on track.

Establish a Routine 

As you may know, creating routines in a child’s life helps them build confidence and self-esteem, and it works similarly for adults. Creating a routine for yourself can help you achieve all of your daily tasks while keeping peace of mind, which allows you to feel like you’re killin’ it as a new mom!

Start with the Morning–If you fly by the seat of your pants all day because that’s just how you have to roll, that’s fine. But if you can carve out one portion of your day to create a routine for, start with your morning. Morning routines are highly effective and practiced by very successful individuals. The reason morning routines are so important is because they set the stage for the rest of your day. If you start off on a good foot, you’ll be confident you will conquer the rest of your day. 

Write Your Routine Down–If you’re not someone who has had a routine in a while, write down what you would like your routine to look like and pin it to the fridge or a wall that you walk by frequently. Writing down the routine will allow you to take it from idea to action, and being reminded of the new routine–on paper–when you walk past it will help you stick to it. If You Have a Routine in Place, Here’s a New One to Try–If you’re a high-functioning individual who has to accomplish so many tasks every day, you are probably pretty in sync with a routine already. But do you routinely check in with yourself and how you are feeling? As a new mom, you pour everything you have into your bundle of joy, but you also need to pour love and attention into your feelings. Set aside a time to journal about how you’re feeling. Journaling your feelings can help you process your emotions, reflect on your experience and it can also boost your confidence.

Reinvigorate Your Wardrobe

As your body changes rapidly during this time, you are probably finding it hard to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes, while your maternity clothes are too big. Trying to find clothes to wear that you feel good in, among everything else that is currently on your plate, can be stressful. But it’s critical to wear threads that make you feel radiant and confident because clothing plays a big role in how women feel. It’s time to treat yourself to some new clothing that will boost your confidence. So stop by a plus size boutique and try these flattering styles that will hug your new curves just right. 

Tunics–For the mamas who enjoy a little more coverage when it comes to tops, plus size tunics pair perfectly with just about anything. You can wear them with jeans, leggings, skirts or shorts. Their comfort and versatility make them easy to wear whether you are planning out a special look or putting something together in a hurry. 

Wrap Dress–Wrap dresses are effortlessly elegant and they look amazing on curves. This dress is every new mom’s secret weapon to feeling confident. They require minimal accessorizing because they already ooze style, and they are very comfortable. Take plus size wrap dresses for a spin and see how unstoppable you feel, bombshell!

Leggings–This should be a given, but leggings are every girl’s best friend. They are comfortable and versatile, and they provide a wonderful alternative to constricting, tight jeans. They also conform to your body, meaning they can stay in your wardrobe as your body changes without you having to buy new leggings. 

Make New Friends

As your body goes through changes and you explore motherhood, it could be helpful and comforting to surround yourself with others who are on the same journey as you. 

Join a Facebook Group–Connect with moms who are both local and long distance in a Facebook group for new moms. Being a part of this group will help you navigate motherhood, and having a new network of friends could help with building confidence. Take a New Parent Class–Get out of the house with your new babe and take a class. Today, there are many classes that help bring new parents together, such as baby fitness and yoga. These classes can help you build confidence as you and your baby get to know each other, and you could also meet other moms in the process

Speak It and Believe It

If there are certain areas of your life where you would like to build more confidence, try reciting positive affirmations. These affirmations turn insecurities into positive statements that put you in a confident mindset. Try these techniques to help you gradually build confidence. 

Write Down Your Insecurities–Take some time to reflect on what makes you insecure. Is it your tummy or the way you perceive certain situations? Write these insecurities down and follow the next step to learn how you can turn these negatives into positive traits. 

From Negative to Positive–Write down statements that help you view your insecurities as powerful mantras. For example, if you’re insecure about your curvy tummy, but want to learn to embrace it more, write down, “I love and embrace my curves and I accept my body.” Another affirmation that could be helpful is, “I feel confident, and I am ready to take on whatever my day brings.” Your list of affirmations can be as short or as long as you like. 

Repetition Is Key–Now that you have your list of positive affirmations, recite them every morning. You can say these affirmations in your head or you can repeat them out loud. Stating these affirmations sets the tone for the rest of your day and it creates a positive mindset. 

No matter where you are on your confidence journey, it’s important to remember that everyone struggles with confidence at some point in their life. You just brought life into this world, which is such an amazing accomplishment. So have patience with yourself, and indulge in things that bring you joy and boost your confidence!

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