Brackitz Driver Set #OMHoliday16

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The perfect holiday gift idea this season is Brackitz. They are fun for any age to build and have a blast with. These blocks are made for all ages and have the ability to connect at any point, unlike other connecting blocks. There is a creator, inventor and driver series of Brackitz, allowing you to pick the perfect set for your little one this holiday season.

About Brackitz

These little blocks are more than just blocks. Built for the imagination, your child can build 3D structures without any skill required. This is one of those products you can buy your child as a toddler, yet they will still enjoy them in their teen years. The ability to expand upon your Brackitz as you get better with them or grow older is just one reason why this makes the perfect gift that keeps giving.

brackitz-driver-set-01It’s important for children to practice their fine motor skills and Brackitz allows your child to use their fine motor skills with little instruction needed. Many toddlers will get side tracked before they even finish a regular block tower, while teenagers will simply get bored because you can only connect other blocks in one way. Brackitz solved the boredom problem and encourages your child to see how tall and how many Brackitz they can get in one structure.

Important Features of Brackitz

  • Unique connect-anywhere system
  • Allows builders of all ages to design and construct any structure they can imagine
  • Fun for all ages – simple enough for young children, expands as they grow older, even adults!
  • Collaborative – children learn social skills through play
  • Learn through play – engineering, math, art, architecture, science
  • Used in classrooms, pre-k through high school, museums and homes around the world
  • Strong and Durable – build gravity-defying 3-D structures
  • Made in the USA

brackitz-driver-set-02The 43 piece Driver set is fun because it adds motion to the already great Brackitz! This is sure to be a set that your son or daughter is going to love this holiday season! They will get to make 10 different driving machines – and instructions are included for every single one of them!

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  1. These blocks look like so much fun! It’s easy to see how they would appeal to kids of all ages. I also like that it supports STEM learning.

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