Branding on a Budget: How to Get Quality T-Shirts Made Cheap

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Custom-branded t-shirts make excellent marketing products. Every time someone dons a t-shirt with your company logo and colors, your brand gets free visibility, which is a win in the competitive business world. However, the biggest challenge is the cost of getting high-quality, custom tees.

The pros of investing in high-quality branded wear make it a worthy investment for any business. But what if you are on a tight budget? Below are tips to help you get quality t-shirts made for cheap.

Work on the Design

The design is everything when making custom-branded products for your company. The goal is to keep the design simple and eye-catching. You can borrow ideas from other brands using custom-branded items to promote their services and products.

A bold, colorful logo might work for a casual streetwear brand, while a minimalist design with a catchy slogan will fit an eco-conscious company. However, a better option is to bring a fashion designer on board. Share your ideas and collaborate on a design that captures the true identity of your business.

Finding the Perfect Manufacturer

A good fabric manufacturer specializing in making branded clothing can help you bring your t-shirt design to life. You can find t-shirt manufacturers like The Charity Clothing Company within your city or town via a quick internet search. Get quotes from several companies and compare turnaround times, minimum order quantities, and shipping costs.

Look for manufacturers that specialize in t-shirt printing and understand your needs. Your goal is to find the best deal, allowing you to get quality t-shirts made for cheap. Check out reviews from other customers and some of the t-shirt designs the manufacturer has worked on.

Choose the Best Fabric

How much you spend will determine the fabric options at your disposal. However, though you are looking for t-shirts made for cheap, always try and pick the best material. The goal is to create durable t-shirts that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Cotton is the best material. It is soft, comfortable, and has quality breathability properties, meaning that it doesn’t trap sweat on a sunny day. You can also look out for other eco-friendly semi-synthetic fibers like viscose and rayon.

Use Quality Printing Techniques

Screen printing is the go-to option for printing colorful designs on t-shirts. It is cheap, but the final product is smooth and looks good to the eye. The only downside is that it can be expensive if you are printing a small batch of t-shirts.

Another printing option worth looking at is the direct-to-garment method. The ink is infused directly into the fibers, creating a clean finish. It is a bit costlier than screen printing but more cost-effective if you print a small batch of t-shirts.

Last, we have the heat transfer vinyl technique. It is the cheapest option, and you can do it yourself if you have the right tools for the job. All you need to do is place the vinyl designs on the t-shirts and place an iron or heat press on top.

It is great for small designs, but the print doesn’t last long enough compared to other printing techniques.

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