Bright Stanley Book Activity: Tote Bag

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Bright Stanley Book Activity: Tote Bag | Optimistic MommyDo your children love the adventures of Bright Stanley? If so, why not craft this simple and inexpensive Bright Stanley tote bag? Using supplies from your local dollar store, you can make your own Bright Stanley tote bag, perfect for carrying all sorts of shiny treasures, just like Stanley! Take a peek below at how you and your children can get busy crafting your own Bright Stanley tote bag. As you will see, this is the perfect fun and frugal book themed craft.
Bright Stanley Book Activity: Tote Bag | Optimistic Mommy
Here is what you will need:
Orange tote bag
Orange pipe cleaner
Googly eyes
Black marker
Green felt or craft foam
Orange felt or craft foam
Craft glue

We found all of the supplies we used for this project at Dollar Tree. For just a few dollars you can in fact craft several of these bags, making them perfect for group crafting.

1. Begin by creating Stanley. To do this, bend and twist the orange pipe cleaner into a fish shape. Bend it into an oval, then twist the ends into a triangle tail shape.
2. Apply some glue and press the pipe cleaner fish to the front of your bag. Hold in place until secure.
3. Create the face of your fish. Add a drop of glue to the googly eye and press it to the face of the fish. Add a mouth by using your black marker to create the smile.
Bright Stanley Book Activity: Tote Bag | Optimistic Mommy4. Decorate the bag further by adding some seaweed. To make this, cut the green paper, felt, or foam into strips and attach it to the bottom of the bag with glue.
5. Finish your fish by adding some orange foam or felt for scales. We just snipped out some small ruffles and glues then to the fish.
Bright Stanley Book Activity: Tote Bag | Optimistic Mommy
Your Bright Stanley tote bag is now complete. Invite children to go on a hunt for shiny objects just like Bright Stanley. This can include coins, foil, costume jewelry and more.

Gather your supplies and give this Bright Stanley tote bag a try! It is such a fun way to enjoy the text further.

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