Budget-Friendly Fall Trends

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This year’s trends for the fall and winter seasons are very diverse, complex and can be worn independently or combined in any proportion. Most importantly – try playing with proportions in the upcoming season.

Creative jewelry

Wear necklaces of different styles and create a unique (and trendy) look, you can find wonderful pieces of trendy jewelry at moonmagic.com. This year’s trendy fall jewelry includes wearing various earrings. Step out of your comfort zone and choose pink-gold jewelry with gemstones and colored enamel, because this year everything will revolve around colors.

Trench coat

A simple trench coat is an ideal outfit for the transitional seasons – spring and fall. Choose carefully the color and material of your trench coat. That will make it ideal for combining with a variety of styles: business, sport or feminine. Whether it’s a classic knee-length cut, made in 80s style, or long, a trench coat for most women is an indispensable part of the wardrobe.

Boots above the ankle

These boots represent a perfect middle ground for many women between formal and sports shoes. No matter if they have straight or short and thick heels, these boots represent the ideal shoes for the changing autumn weather. As a bonus, they pair well with a trench coat!

Animal print

Unlike colorful summer clothes, autumn combinations bring with them a more subtle tone. The colors that dominate are mostly brown, black, gray and darker shades of red. Try to break this monotony with pants embellished by one of the most popular trends this fall – animal print!

Oxford shoes

Another type of shoes suitable for fall is the famous Oxford shoes. If the boots are too “rock and roll” for your style, and if you lean more towards an elegant and preppy way of dressing, oxfords are perfect for you. With a t-shirt, skirt or pants, these shoes will bring simple elegance to your fall combinations.

Strong lipstick and nail polish

Don’t avoid experimenting with other autumn tones – cherry colors and burgundy. If you set aside a little more money for high-quality lipstick and find the perfect shade for your complexion, you will easily perfect the fall look. Cherry-colored nails are also trendy this season, and will still be during winter months.

Small cozy purses

Soft finish models will be an absolute hit this fall! They are not practical for wearing on rainy days, but can, therefore, uplift your style during dry weather. If you thought the trend of miniature handbags was a thing of the past, you were fooled. They are still in the collections of numerous fashion houses and the range of shops. Although they have not become a “mainstream” piece, they are a popular choice of various trendsetters.

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