Budget-Friendly Gadgets for the Holidays

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Every year is always filled with festivities, National celebrations and religious holidays and with every holiday there is, there’s the obligation of having to buy a little something for friends, family, distant relatives and co-workers to show our appreciation and gratefulness. Which is quite a difficult task to do, with everyone’s different tastes and preferences.

From a techie’s wet dream to someone who just genuinely enjoys cool technology, a small gift, easy on the pockets, and a great gift overall be it; for a friend, family, relative, co-worker, pet, a special someone or just a way to inspire that creative idea within you to create that unique gift. Here are a few suggestions that would be a sure-fire people pleaser.

Amazon’s Echo Dot

Amazon’s Echo Dot is a smart speaker that wouldn’t fail to impress you with the many skills it has under its arsenal. A good quality speaker with a sleek and simple design that’s compact would fit in with its surroundings anywhere in the house, and it is still quite capable of giving your favorite music playlist justice all while maintaining a small $50 price.

A smooth plastic top with four buttons to adjust the speaker volume and to turn on or off Amazon’s signature smart assistant ‘Alexa.’ A soft fabric rim is covering the edge giving the Echo Dot a premium look. The Echo Dot comes in different variations. There are the Charcoal and Heather Grey colors with a black top and the Plum and Sandstone colors with white top.

Apple Airpods with Wireless Charging Case

Though its main target audience is for those with iPhones, there would be no better wireless earphones that would work better. While the sound quality not necessarily being the best, the classic clean white earbuds won’t disappoint the user of this product. The earphones come with the H1 chip that allows it to have better call quality and have access to Siri quickly.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Among the many Kindles that Amazon has mass-produced, the Paperwhite has to be the best they’ve made so far. Although possessing the ultra-high pixel density display along the more expensive Oasis, the Paperwhite is waterproof. It is equipped with the same vast ebook library that Amazon has to offer. It’s like carrying your own library in your pocket.

iRig Micro Amp

A speaker of about four-inches that also functions as a guitar’s amplifier. It can pair with your phone, tablet, laptop, or even PC. Being an amplifier, it has the standard gain, EQ, and volume controls. Powered by six AA batteries, it can last about 15 hours, long enough to switch between jam sessions, listen to your recordings, and still have plenty of time to spare.


The design is a proper, jet-black professional look with five pegs that adjust the audio quality to allow your guitar to have that clean, crisp sound. Its compact design allows it to be portable for any guitarist that loves being out in the open to play some tunes. The Micro Amp being a speaker, you can bring it along with you anywhere to fill any quiet room with music.

Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse

You know someone who loves gaming but doesn’t own a high-quality gaming mouse yet? The Logitech G300s would be a great gift for that person. With an overall black look and a light blue under trimming it would fit many gamers’ tastes, the sides of the mouse are fitted with comfy rubber grips and the mouse itself is equipped with six buttons that are programmable.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Everyone’s already in possession of a high-quality camera within their phone. However, not everyone is capable of taking a photo and have it physically in their hands within seconds of capturing that moment. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 takes care of that for you, a portable camera that prints out your in-the-moment memory, an excellent choice for instant cameras.

Olloclip Mobile Photography Box

The Olloclip mobile photography box is another great gadget for those who love photography. A small attachment that clips onto your phone’s camera and instantly ups the quality of every photo you take. A fish lens that, quite literally, expands your perspective, along with the high-quality camera that your phone is equipped with.


Remember the golden rule whenever you’re buying gifts with someone in mind, ‘it’s the thought that counts.’ No matter how cheap or pricey an item may be, as long as the gift was bought with the right intent and the person in mind, the gift will always be appreciated. The gift can range from a house assistant/companion to something small like a gaming mouse.


The gadgets that were mentioned above are just a few suggestions as to what technology you can buy as gifts for someone for the holidays. If you want to stay up to date with the latest trends related to gadgets, then you can visit sites such as robots.net and other reliable websites.

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