Buying Cut Diamonds In Singapore: Have a Look at the Choices

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An ideal choice for weddings, an ornament setting a class apart, and of course, a woman’s best friend – that’s diamonds for you. Well, it’s apparent that you confuse yourselves while looking for the best diamond piece to embed into a ring. Be it an auspicious wedding, a surprise proposal, or a special gift; different occasions have different choices for diamonds.

Well, it’s not too tough to determine the type of diamond to embed into a ring. They come in various shapes and sizes, and the most basic factor which differentiates the diamonds’ look is the ‘cut.’ A cut determines how the diamond becomes carved into a piece that fits your choice. It needs the expertise to carve out a diamond in a delicate manner.

Let’s have a look at some of the types of diamonds available all over the world:

The Round Cut

Probably the prettiest and the classiest of all the cuts, people want to buy the round cut diamonds while buying from the jewelry shops. Of all the diamond rings sold, about three-fourth belong to this category. It has such a huge fan base due to its luster (which we call the ‘fire of a diamond’) and appealing look. The round cut diamonds come in several sizes and rates.

Princess Cut

Amidst the already hit round cut, princess cut witnesses a separate fan base. Since the 70s, this cut has gained worldwide popularity. The unique rectangular shape of the princess cut helps to distinguish it from other cuts and gives the diamonds a run for their money. Even if you have a fascination in Round cut diamonds, you can think of trying this cut for a new experience.  

Emerald Cut

Coming from the classy gemstone Emerald, this cut replaces the sparkle that the regular diamond offers with illuminating flashes. The effect it has looks magical when aligned with an appropriate ring setting. If you have a short height and a bulky figure, this would be the perfect choice for you. The popularity of Emerald Cut has seen many ups and downs over the ages, as it is very old.

Marquise Cut

Marquise is a tapered ellipse. It has an exquisite touch and feels and gives you an entirely different experience. While the princess cut is a new introduction as compared to all the other diamonds, the Marquise Cut is a very old design. It was popular to determine the ranks of the courtiers.

Oval Cut

Having an uncanny resemblance with the round cut, Oval cut diamonds are famous for their fire. The brilliance of Oval cut diamonds is even more amazing as compared to all the other diamond types. It gives a shiny look with classy vibes. It is a perfect example for carving a marvel out of the ordinary.

Well, here above are some of the most popular diamonds that you regularly see around you. Now when you go and buy your favorite diamonds Singapore in the market, don’t miss out to ask about their types, fire, brilliance, and assess them yourselves.

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