Buying Guide � How to Order Fresh Flowers Online

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Many people would think of buying flowers to impress someone. It stirs up a natural instinct in the recipient to smile when getting handed over the flowers. This is true because of the nice smells from the flowers which emits kind meaning to the recipient. The local flower shop is not the only place where you can buy flowers. The flowers on sale at the local flower shop are pricey, therefore, you may be interested in buying them online. Here is a guide on how to buy flowers online.

Ordering the Flowers

Firstly, you ask yourself what flowers you want to buy for the recipient. Think about what flowers match with the personality of the recipient. Is there any particular flower the recipient like? You can make use of the internet to search for the meaning of the flowers when deciding which flowers to buy. If you know the meanings of different flowers, you will be able to create a custom bouquet with the meaning you want to tell the recipient.

If you want to buy cheap flowers, you should buy them when they are in season. Flowers that are not in season are more expensive because they have to be imported. Some of the flowers of Spring season are hydrangea, orchid, peony, and tulip. Examples of flowers that are in the Summer season are sunflower, freesia, Iris, and Phlox. Flowers that are in Winter season are star of Bethlehem, Poinsettia, Primrose, Yarrow, and amaryllis. 

You must be sure of the delivery date when you place the order for the flowers, such as at Therefore, before you send the flowers, make sure you ask the recipient when he will be available because the flower deliverer usually want the recipient to sign before handing over the bouquet. It is best to buy the flowers 1 – 2 weeks in advanced if you want them to arrive on time. They will take time to process the order.

Always Choose a Professional Florist

You should only order the flowers from a florist store with good design. It should provide categories for occasions, and type of flowers. The search box at the online florist store should be functioning. It should publish information on how to contact the customer support including telephone number, and email address. Professional online florist stores usually also have a blog where customers can refer for more information to decide what flowers to purchase. 

Most importantly, you want to buy from an online florist that offer good customer service. The representative should be friendly and patiently answer your questions when you contact them. Good customer service is more than telephone calls and emails. It should achieve good reputations within the community. You know this if people keep referring to the same florist when you ask them for recommendations.

A professional florist will have a toll free telephone number that is easy to remember. It will provide more than one way for the customers to contact the customer service. 

One of the most important reasons you should go for a professional florist is because of the varieties they offer. If your loved one loves lilies, she might not be very happy to receive a common rose bouquet. The same goes for other exotic flowers like orchids. A professional florist will be able to help you prepare a flower bouquet according to the mood, type, occasion and budget. If you are in two minds, we would suggest that you could confidently go for buy flowers online Dubai.

What to Do Before Buying

Before buying, make sure you have already read the terms and service. In the FAQ page, you can find important information you should know as customers, for example what happen if the recipient is not available to accept the flower, how can you cancel the order and get a refund, replacement and freshness guarantee. You will also want to find out how they deliver the flowers. It is best if the florist cut the flowers fresh and then pack them into a box. Usually, the flowers will be wrapped with brown paper and cellophane. 

If the bouquet you order include a vase, it will be delivered to the recipient with the vase. The flower delivery should include instructions on how to care for the flowers so that the flowers can stay fresh for a long time. It should include a card with contact information so that the recipient can contact the customer support if they are not satisfied with the flowers. 

Finally, don’t forget to compare the price of the flowers before making a buying decision. You should check the price of the bouquet, add-on, and shipping. Some florists will charge extra fee for the delivery person to hand deliver the bouquet to the recipient. You should confirm with the customer service representative if they charge any extra fee.

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