Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help If Your Child Is Injured at School?

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For any good parent, there is a natural inclination to protect their young. This rule, which applies to both humans and animals, is a positive instinct in most instances. However, as we no longer live in a primal world filled with obvious predators, it is important to control those instincts when necessary. Such is the case when your child comes home from school with some sort of injury.

I am certainly not telling you to ignore your natural inclination to find the one responsible and tear off their head. Rather, I am telling you to approach the situation intelligently. Tearing off heads is one of those things that tends to land a person in prison. So, think before you act.

Gather Intelligence

Your first priority should be to find out as much information as possible. Sit your child down, calm them in whatever way you can, and listen to the entire story. Next, call up the school and get the story from their perspective. Be sure to remember the small details. Take notes if you feel it necessary. If you think someone from the school might be at fault, you should be more suspicious. In such an instance, you should record the call and all subsequent interactions with the school authorities.

If your child’s story and the story from the school match, there is likely no reason to investigate further. If not, you might consider finding more witnesses. By this point, you should have some idea of where the incident occurred and who was there. Even if you don’t get to the truth, it is important to find any contradictions between the various stories that may exist. This will give you a good idea of who is lying and who is not.

The Big Question

So now, we come to the question implied in the title: should you call a personal injury attorney to deal with this situation? That is not an easy question. After all, every situation is different, and the law isn’t exactly simple either. The first thing to remember is that you can not just rely on basic human decency. Even if your child was legitimately wronged, you can not count on the guilty party to take responsibility. Ordinarily, that just isn’t how it works. So, if you think that the guilty party is going to protest their guilt to the very end, you probably do need to call a personal injury attorney

The Central Florida area has plenty of good attorneys, particularly in the Tampa area. To find your Tampa personal injury attorney, you will need to look closely at the options. I prefer to stick with those who have a high level of experience with a proven track record in a wide variety of case types. My Tampa personal injury attorney is one that has been in business for 50 years, so they know the legal system inside and out. A rookie attorney would be cheaper, but I prefer to concentrate on results.

No matter how good your attorney may be, you will still need to give them something to use. If you have no proof of your claim, you might be better off to avoid taking the matter to court. Neither a judge nor a defense attorney will care about anything else. You need to make sure that you obtain any surveillance camera footage that may exist, and you should move to obtain it quickly. Such footage has a way of disappearing, but even if they fail to produce the footage, it will help to show that you tried to obtain it.

Any witnesses need to be interviewed thoroughly and will need to sign written statements.

Remember, even the best builder cannot make bricks without clay.

Make Sure You Can Prove It

So in closing, you need to ask yourself one key question. This question is “Can I prove that the defendant is to blame?” Regardless of the injury that your child has sustained, you must be able to prove not only that it happened, but that the defendant is directly responsible in some way. If you cannot prove this, you should avoid the hassle of a drawn-out legal battle.

Author Bio: Today’s article comes from Adrian Rubin. A dad of twins and Philly based photographer.

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