Can Being a Dog Owner Prove Beneficial? Look What Science Says

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Undoubtedly, dog ownership comes with a pack of responsibilities, whether it is to feed them timely, play with them routinely, spend time when they crave for your love, provide them medical aid whenever needed, and much more…

But did you ever realize what they give you in return for their expectations? Under the influence of upholding the duties and responsibilities, the benefits a dog owner enjoys living with a fur member are often overlooked. 

A dog is a man’s best friend!

It’s not merely a statement, there are scientific reasons too, supporting the fact. Let’s take rundown below and uncover them one by one.

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#1 More Exertion, More Health Fitness

You can ignore an early morning to step out for workout or exercise, but looking at your dog standing right before the door, seeking your company for a walk, is something unavoidable. An everyday schedule of dog walks(morning and evening), and a number of playtime hours a day adds many benefits to your health.

Such activities reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and boost metabolism in the body that, resultantly, keeps you fit and fine. Physical exertions with dogs prevent obesity and reduce weight gain counts among people. People who own dogs remain more active and energetic and walk 2760 more steps than their counterparts.

#2 Maintains a Healthy Heart, Strengthens Immunity

“Petting, a dog, lowers the Heart Rate and Blood Pressure!”

A publication by Harvard Medical School speaks, dog owners body contains a desirable count of cholesterol and triglyceride, which further keeps them free from heart diseases or makes them strong enough to survive a heart attack. 

Dogs (and other pets too) bring different types of bacteria and germs into a house, and yes it’s true. This is one of the reasons accounted for not keeping and taming pets. But, the other side of the story is that exposing human bodies to such microbes and viruses gives a boost to our immune system to fight against it, and surprisingly this works, and people owning dogs fall sick often.

See it this way: human exposure towards mixed species of germs fuels the immunity system to fight against the toughest.

#3 Lowers the Vulnerability towards Allergies

There are many people who are allergic to dogs, and it would be hard for them to have faith in this statement. But science says that if you grow alongside dogs, you are proportionally becoming more immune to sensitivities and allergies.

Children growing up with four-legged furry fabs are less like to develop allergies, and if a woman gets in the course of owning a dog, then the newborn develops additional fighting microbes that fight off common allergies, obesity, and asthma. 

Science says that such infants tend to develop two distinct bacteria types (Ruminococcus and Oscillospira) right from gestations. These new types also prevent the development of eczema in children.

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#4 Happiness Enhances Longevity

You are happy and contented; you expand your lifespan!

We know this fact for quite a long, but how do individuals be happier sharing their some part of life with a pooch?

Dogs are loyal!

Dogs are adorable!

Dogs are friendly!

Dogs are good risk detectors!

A Dog makes a perfect companion, and whatever it is, you can rely upon your well tamed and trained furry pets for aid, whenever and wherever. 

“A dog owner reduces his life’s death rate by 33%!”  [Backed up by Studies]

You feel depressed, your dog pop-ups as your stress reliever, you feel unsafe, your pooch stands alert protecting you from the risks, you’re growing old, your furry friend makes you live gracefully, you’re traveling, your pet accompanies you there as well.

Overall, a person can share every aspect of life with a dog and can expect loads of love and happiness in return for that. In the present time, one can expect many good things from a dog, but the same isn’t true in the case of humans.

#5 Increased Chances of Cancer Detection

Believe it or not, your canine friends are capable to smell cancer in the human body!

Dogs can sniff out Diabetes as well! 

Indeed, your dog, one day, can help you save your life if it is blessed with a potent nose to cure some commonly found diseases. A case study predicted that a dog repeatedly licked its owner’s mole, and when he got it checked out, it was diagnosed as cancerous.

Many anecdotal stories showed up in a similar context due to which many dogs are given special training to detect cancer and diabetes, then after. The exact reason how these furry pets do it is still unclear, but the fact that they detect it naturally is incredible.

#6 Makes your Kids Grow Empathetically

If you want your children to imbibe the values of understanding each other and be emotionally connected, gift them a dog friend: a value for a lifetime. Speechless animals have a lot to teach to humans, and dogs are no exception.

Attachment with pets influences a budding child’s life in many ways posing a great impact on his social, mental, physical, emotional, cognitive, and holistic development and well being. 

Spending childhood with furry members encourages feelings of optimism and compassion to be shown for all living beings. A report says, children with dog friends show the highest pet attachment as these four-legged pals regulate their emotions and trigger their empathetic behaviors.

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#7 Keeps you Free from Stress and Depression

Petting and caring for dogs help get rid of symptoms detected for depression and boosts positive energy in individuals who live closer to their fur pals. Each and every activity related to your dog reduces stress each time, each day. 

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