Can Dropispy be a substitute for Minea?

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E-commerce has experienced increased competition in recent years. In order to remain competitive in e-commerce, it is necessary to make constant efforts, use new marketing strategies and offer a variety of popular products.

This step is where tools like Dropispy, Minea and others play an important role. You can use these tools to better understand e-commerce statistics as well as ad data. This will allow you to optimize your marketing strategies.

Dropispy could be an alternative to Minea if you have ever used Minea. This article will explore whether Dropispy is a viable alternative to Minea.

Dropispy, an alternative to Minea?

Dropispy as well as Minea are two of the most popular ad spying tools on the marketplace. These tools let you spy on social media ads quickly and locate the latest products in no time.

Although these tools may look similar, they do have their own differences. Dropispy displays only ads from Facebook.

Minea on the other hand allows you to spy ads from Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok. To help you get a better idea of the tools, we have also compared Dropispy with Minea.

Comparison of Dropispy to Minea

The following comparison will show you Dropispy versus Minea.

Advanced Search & Filtering

Dropispy and Minea are very similar due to their advanced search and filtering capabilities. This feature will enable you to find highly targeted ads based on your niche and preferences.

Information is essential for dropshipping. Information is the key to success in dropshipping. Dropispy allows you to search many databases for your research, and find the relevant information.

It will help you determine what’s trendy and what’s not. This will allow you to make the right choice. Dropispy offers many search filters, which can be used to refine your search results. Dropispy’s advanced search can help you locate the information that you are looking for.

Dropispy as well as Minea can perform advanced filter and search functions very similarly. Both tools allow you to sort the results by date, keywords, language, and other parameters.

Advertising Database

You will also find an extensive database that includes information from around the globe as part of these tools. Dropshipping is the main focus of the Dropispy database. There are more than 50 million ads in the Dropispy database.

Minea has become a top source for trending products on the marketplace.

Each day, more than 70 million ads are analyzed on social networks. This gives users access to a wide range of marketing strategies. Dropispy as well as Minea are worth a look for their database size and accessibility.

Shop Spy Option

Shop Spy is an additional feature that both tools offer. The Shop Spy option allows you to monitor the activities of your competitors, learn their products and monitor their marketing campaigns.

Examining the activities of competitors is a great way to understand their strategies. You can easily copy and paste an advertisement from your competitors wherever you sell similar products.

Dropispy and Minea offer similar tools for monitoring online shops with their Shop Spy function. You can search shops by category, and then compare their Alexa rankings to find out how effective they are using both tools. You will be able to gain more insight into your competitors’ techniques by having firsthand knowledge.

Advertising Channels

Dropispy will only analyze Facebook ads and not ads from other social media platforms. This tool allows brands to find targeted Facebook ads that are effective and specific.

Minea, however, analyses ads from a variety of social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok and others. Multi-channel advertising can be analyzed to determine which products are most popular on social networks.

Minea is an excellent choice if you’re interested in finding trendy products across all social networks. Dropispy has a vast database of Facebook ads, which is ideal if you are only interested in analyzing Facebook.


Dropispy and Minea have different pricing. Dropispy can be used for free with the EUR0 plan. However, its functionality is limited. Dropispy’s functionality is limited so you can only use some features.

You can’t use any filters with this plan. You cannot also view ads from the last two months. You can view all features and advanced filters if the Premium plan is chosen.

You might also be eligible to receive “credits” according to the Dropispy plan you choose. If you sign up for the Premium plan, 150,000 credits will be available each month.

You will be able to complete all your research goals if you have enough credits. You have no restrictions as long you adhere to the credit system. Dropispy’s credit system is only available to those who abuse it.

Dropispy will prevent users from sharing and reselling their accounts. Minea, like Dropispy offers a Lite plan for free with limited functionality.

Dropispy does not offer advanced filters, like Minea’s in its free version. Dropispy has 250 credits for Minea’s plan.

You can choose between a Starter or Premium plan for EUR49/month. Although the Starter plan gives 10 thousand credits, it does not provide Facebook ad analytics.

Additionally, the Premium plan includes 1 million credits and gives you access to Facebook and TikTok ads. Dropispy is cheaper than Minea long-term.

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