Can People Of All Ages Ride Quads?

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Quad riding has really taken off, especially in the UK, as both children and adults enjoy the thrill of riding in the countryside on four wheels. State of the art quad bikes enhance the pleasure, and when you become a competent rider, there isn’t much you can’t do with your quad bike.

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Adult Riders

The average adult would require at least a 500cc engine, which would deliver more than enough horsepower to the four wheels, and the machines go up to 1,000 cc, for performance quads and heavy-duty farming work. You really should check out the road legal off road buggy from Quadbikes R Us, who happen to be the UK’s leading quad supplier, offering a range of new and used machines, plus all the accessories you could ever need.

Young Riders

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Kids as young as 8 years old ride quads, and with the focus always on safety, youngsters soon become competent and can throw the machine a little. Of course, power would be limited, with engine sizes below 250cc, and with a large percentage of adult riders who introduce quad biking to their kids, it has become a major pastime for UK families. If you’re concerned about your child’s safety when quad riding, check out various guides online for more details.

Great Family Day Out

Summer is the ideal time for family outings, and with a few quads, you can have a great time exploring the exciting trails. Children can only ride quads on private property, but don’t fret, there are many venues that welcome families who want to get out on their quads. Parental supervision is essential, and a child should never be allowed to take their quad out alone, as anything could happen, and without an adult present, it is far too risky. Stay together and tutor the child on how to ride the quad, and they will soon become proficient.

Online Suppliers

Quad riders are forever upgrading their machines, and with an established online supplier who is based in the UK, you can source everything you need. They would have a great range of quads for kids of all ages, plus all the protective equipment you need, and with a secure online payment, the goods are dispatched to your home address.

Learning to Ride

Riding a quad is not the same as riding a two-wheel motorcycle, as the machine turns via the steering, not by tilting the vehicle, although correct weight distribution is essential for maximum grip. If you are an adult, rent one at one of the many ATV venues and pretty soon, you will master the art of quad bike riding. Like any other type of vehicle, you must approach this with care, and never put yourself in a position where you are not in full control.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

There is no better way to experience the gorgeous British countryside that astride a quad. Aside from the natural beauty, you are constantly faced with ever-changing terrain, and as your skills develop, your enjoyment level goes up.

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If you are looking for the ultimate hobby, taking up quad riding is for you, and with so many beautiful areas to explore, you will have the time of your life.

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