Can Stay-at-Home Moms Offer Coaching Services?

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In short, yes. That is not the whole story though, there is more to it than just a stay-at-home mom offering coaching services. There is an important amount of information that you would need to know if you are a stay-at-home mom and want to know if you can become a life coach. There is a lot that goes into being a life coach, and even more for a good life coach. These are things you will want, especially in your situation. In fact, there are many areas of coaching you can venture to. Health coaching would be more suitable for Moms as they are more relatable and Moms can easily provide information with regards to nutrition, weight loss, holistic and many more.

Being a stay at home mom does not mean you are limited to what you can do, it just means you need to be creative. Luckily for you, that situation can end up benefiting you.

So, while the answer is yes, you can provide coaching services at home, you might be wondering how which is what you will see here.

Flexible Hours

While you might be juggling your little ones, being at home still provides a lot more free time than working at an office does. This is a benefit for coaching services as you can talk to and work with clients at more reasonable times that fit your schedule. The flexibility that you can get from working at home means that your situation of being a stay-at-home mom does not impede your success at all. In some cases, people feel much more satisfied with working from home. Many cite this ability to work on your own time, and own schedule (to a degree) as a benefit over traditional workplaces.

Online Certification

Becoming certified or accredited as a life coach means completing the particular training programs or lessons for the work you want to do. The best part is that much of this is available online, which means coaching certification is easy to accomplish with your spare time at home. These are needed to be able to call yourself a coach in whatever you choose to focus on, and potential clients will trust you over someone who is not certified as well. Online certification is done through web services so you can get the right paperwork, so to speak, to allow you to start your career from the comfort of your own home.

Extra Revenue Streams

Being a stay-at-home mom can be tough for one big thing – money. Knowing that you are not working may not be an issue if your partner is working full time and you have a healthy financial life in that aspect, but for many, it is stressful. Not being able to provide as much to the family can cause stress for those stay at home mothers that want to start feeling independent again and making some extra money. Coaching services can help provide that relief. 

Working from home means you can continue your duties as a mother and watch over your kids, but it also allows you to make some extra income and revenue for the whole family. This is something that really is important for a lot of families, as times can be tough when there is not enough money to go around. Some areas that this job is valuable is in helping clients with their blogs or businesses, which people pay good money to help improve their sites. Things like marketing are important duties you can provide through coaching at home. With coaching services, you can provide that support to your loved ones.


Stay-at-home moms can sometimes get in a rut where they feel like the only people they interact with are their family. This can cause depression and feelings of loneliness. In a way, coaching services allow you to get outside of this comfort zone and talk to people, build relationships, and feel more confident that you are spending quality time speaking with someone else. Of course, the purpose is to help someone with their goals, but even that act alone is important in getting some much-needed socialization. The isolation of staying at home for too long can be too much for people, and this is a good way to make money, help someone, and speak to another adult after a lot of time doing the daily housework. While most of the other reasons why a stay-at-home mom can offer coaching services seem rather straightforward, this one is overlooked or underrated but answers an important question for those who want to offer these services.

While stay-at-home moms might feel that their particular situation limits their abilities to find work or keep busy in other areas of their lives, they might be surprised at the answer. Coaching services is a particular field of work that can benefit them as it offers a lot of advantages. These advantages are all related to being at home, which still allows them to exercise independence, and find work that allows them to help others.

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