Cannabis in Different Forms: Which One Is More Your Style?

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When it comes to consuming cannabis, there are two primary considerations. First, what kind of cannabis do you want to consume? There are three main categories or classifications: CBD-dominant, THC-dominant, or balanced. The choice depends on what kind of effect you’re seeking, like pain relief or a good night’s sleep. You may also want to consider the terpenes (aromatic compounds that give cannabis different scents), although this is not as crucial.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred kind, the second consideration is the delivery or consumption methods. You can choose from dozens of instruments and forms of cannabis blends, but below are some of the most common and popular to help you decide.


Vaporizing or vaping cannabis has become more popular in recent years due to its convenience. It also has lower health risks compared to smoking, as well as a negligible smoke output and less lingering odors. Another reason there are more people who prefer vaping nowadays is that it gives more value. Vaporizers use lower and more controlled temperatures, so you don’t need to heat up a lot of cannabis oil or flowers to get the output you want. 

Is it for you? If you have a sensitivity to smoke or simply want a healthier inhalation method, vaporizers are a good choice. Using cannabis vape pens in public is also more ideal since it’s less likely to bother passers-by. 


When someone mentions cannabis edibles, the first thing that would probably come to your mind are pot brownies. You can’t go wrong with these chocolatey treats, of course, but there’s also a lot more you can prepare in your own kitchen or buy as ready-made snacks. From savory main dishes to desserts and candies, cannabis edibles are definitely a tasty way to consume cannabis. Using cannabis cooking oils and cooking with cannabutter are the most popular ways of infusing recipes with the cannabinoids of your choice. Of course, you can also purchase pre-made edibles from reliable stores. 

Is it for you? Edibles are definitely some of the most discreet ways of consuming cannabis. The effects can take a while to trigger, but they definitely last longer. Consuming edibles is perfect if you want a full-body effect since the cannabinoids are distributed through the bloodstream over a longer period of time.

Pills or Capsules

What’s great about cannabis pills and capsules (or “cannacaps”) is that they have an accurate dosage. There’s no risk of under- or overdosing yourself and getting incomplete or undesired effects, as long as you take the recommended number of pills or capsules. Just like edibles, however, it will take a bit of time before your body can process the cannabinoids. Pills and capsules are also another subtle way of consuming cannabis since it will look like you’re only taking regular medicine or candies.

Is it for you? For those with allergies or other respiratory problems, pills and capsules are a safer option. Another benefit of this form of cannabis is that it can be combined with vitamins and other health supplements to help with your ailments.

Oils and Tinctures

Cannabis oils can be consumed as-is or in the form of soft-gel capsules. Tinctures, on the other hand, are alcohol-based and are administered sublingually. Simply put the drops under your tongue and swallow, then wait for it to take effect.

Is it for you? Oils and tinctures are ideal for low-dosers since they’re easier to measure. These forms of cannabis are also more convenient for experimentation, which allows you to determine the products or doses that produce your desired effects.

Topical Applications

If you don’t like to smoke or ingest cannabis, you can opt for topical forms of application like creams, lotions, or transdermal patches. These are perfect for dealing with physical conditions, like muscle or joint pain. The method is great for athletes and those who suffer from arthritis and similar ailments. Cannabis creams and lotions can also provide relief from rashes, depending on how they are formulated.

Is it for you? Cannabis creams, lotions, and transdermal patches are ideal for localized applications. If you don’t need full-body relief, these forms of cannabis are the way to go. In addition, there’s no risk of getting high since everything is absorbed through the skin.

When it comes right down to it, the form of cannabis you choose is dependent on personal preferences and your needs. Once you’ve identified these factors, then it’s easier to choose your consumption method.

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