Car Organization Tips + Give Extra, Get Extra

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Car Organization Tips + Give Extra, Get Extra

If you are like me, you most likely spend a lot of time in your car.  Between school, doctor’s appointments, softball practice and games, and not to mention just running other errands – I spend a lot of my week in my car. So keeping it clean and organized can sometimes be difficult.  I’ve come up with a couple of systems and organization tips that I want to share with you today.

Car Organization Tips + Give Extra, Get Extra

The biggest problem in my car, and I’m sure in your car as well, is definitely trash.  Between receipts, wrappers, straw wrappers, and more; it gets messy. So I’ve taken a mini trashcan I purchased and put it under my sliding middle console. I put a grocery bag in it and just take it out each week when I take the trash cans to the curb or when it’s full, and replace it with a new grocery bag. It makes it easy to reuse those grocery bags and helps to keep my car clean. Win-win!
Car Organization Tips + Give Extra, Get Extra

The back part of my sliding middle console can be messy sometimes, too. To keep chargers, vent clips, and more organized, I use another mini trash can without the grocery bag in it.  I always keep feminine products with me in case a friend or myself need them, plus some body spray to freshen up.Car Organization Tips + Give Extra, Get Extra

On top of my console is my cup holders and an extra storage spot. For my cup holders I have some fun car coasters in one of my favorite prints, camouflage.  And in the storage spot is where I keep my yummy Extra® GumCar Organization Tips + Give Extra, Get Extra

I am a big gum chewer. Whenever I drive, I always have a piece in my mouth.  My husband, dad, and many of my friends enjoy gum as well.  Thanks to the 35-stick package of Extra® gum, I can share with my friends and still have plenty left for me. I love that the gum is in durable, recycled packaging.

Car Organization Tips + Give Extra, Get Extra #GIVEEXTRAGETEXTRA #Kroger Since I’m able to find it in my checkout line at Kroger family stores, when I do run low I can just grab a new pack while I’m in the checkout line while purchasing my weekly groceries. Makes it super easy for me.Car Organization Tips + Give Extra, Get Extra

I also keep a pack of Extra® Gum in Polar Ice in my visor organizer, that way I have a variety of flavors with me.  In my visor organizer, I always have an extra pair of glasses, a pen, and can also put receipts or papers I need to keep in the main zippered part.  This really helps to keep clutter low throughout my car.Car Organization Tips + Give Extra, Get ExtraOn my door I always keep wipes and extra napkins.  Spills happen, so it’s always good to keep these on hand. I can also use the wipes to clean my console, dashboard, steering wheel and more while I’m just sitting in my car waiting for practice to be over or while in the drive-thru line. Car Organization Tips + Give Extra, Get Extra

The backseat is always harder to keep organized because I don’t go back there often.  My daughter and dad are back there more often than I am.Car Organization Tips + Give Extra, Get Extra

I like to keep a mini trash can with a grocery bag in it back there for trash that accumulates. I always have my daughter take it out when I take mine out to show her a little bit of responsibility. Along with the trash can, I have a basket with a pack of wipes and a sweatshirt for her.  Plus there’s room for any toys that she may bring along with us on trips.
Car Organization Tips + Give Extra, Get Extra

For in my trunk area, I like to keep a basket with some items that may be needed. Keeping things in a basket helps to keep things from getting dirty and from flying around in the back.Car Organization Tips + Give Extra, Get ExtraIn the basket I like to keep a couple sweatshirts in case it gets cool while we’re out, as well as our zoo backpack that has our zoo passes and cups as well as sunscreen to take in the zoo with us. We’ve taken impromptu trips to the zoo before, so it’s always nice to have these things on hand and not have to go back home to get them.
Car Organization Tips + Give Extra, Get Extra

I hope that these tips give you some ideas on how to organize your car or truck, as well as show you how to Give Extra, Get Extra with Extra® gum! Sharing is always caring, and with a 36-stick pack of gum, there is plenty to go around!

What car organization tips do you have to add?

Car Organization Tips

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  1. Great idea and love car organization! Thanks for the tips!

  2. These are great tips for car organization. Like you, I always want to chew gum while driving, too. The next Extra packaging makes it easy to store in the center console. #client

  3. Ok, now I have to go get a mini trash can! I have the perfect spot for it in our new van, right under the little console/cup holder thing!! Fantastic idea to keep it hidden in your console!

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