Carpet Cleaning is Important to Prevent Dust Mites

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Hair and Dust.

Cleaning your carpets at least once per year is incredibly important in pest control and prevention. The fibers that make up your carpet act similarly to a filter, which means dirt and dust are bound to build up over time. With that build-up comes a number of unwanted pests that not only cause a nuisance but can affect your health too. 

In this article, we’ll cover what types of pests may linger in your carpet, including dust mites. We’ll also leave you with some effective carpet cleaning strategies to ensure your floors are thoroughly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company

What Are Dust Mites? 

Simply put, dust mites are the sworn worst enemy for anyone who has dust allergies or asthma. These microscopic creatures look like miniscule little bugs and they thrive in environments where dust is highly present. The dust mite’s primary diet is the dead human skin cells found in dust, which makes carpeting the ideal place for these mites to live. 

Because dust mites don’t bite, sting, or burrow into a host, they aren’t considered parasites. Instead, the harm they cause comes from body fragments in the air and their fecal matter that creates harmful dust allergens. 

While dust mites are present in most homes in some capacity, they cannot survive in areas with low humidity. Because they get their water from soaking in the moisture from the air, keeping your house as dry as possible is ideal.  

Other Pests to be Concerned About 

Dust mites aren’t the only pest you need to watch out for, there are a variety of other insects who like to make homes or meals out of indoor carpeting. Here are some of the most common carpet pests to look out for: 

·       Carpet beetles

These bugs will make a home out of your carpeting, just as their name suggests. They’re also very similar to clothes moths as they feed on wool, fur, felt, silk, feathers, skins, and leather. These materials contain keratin, which is ideal for larvae to feed on. 

·       Clothes moths

While clothes moth larva tend to feed on clothing, they also make meals out of some types of carpeting too.  

·       Silverfish

These bugs typically feed on sugary substances that can be found both in food and household furniture. If your carpets have endured any sugary spills, it may become more vulnerable to silverfish infestations. 

Carpet cleaning

Effective Carpet Cleaning Strategies 

To ensure your carpets stay clean and pest-free, doing an annual deep clean is a must. In some cases, people may choose to do a thorough carpet clean twice a year instead. With that said, there are certain steps that should be taken to ensure you’re properly cleaning your carpets. Let’s go over those steps right here: 

·       Tidy the area and remove furniture if possible

You’ll have a much easier time running a carpet cleaner if there aren’t any obstacles to avoid during the process.  

·       Vacuum the empty room

Before cleaning your carpet, running a vacuum will gather up hair, loose dust and dirt, and any other particles that may clog up the carpet cleaner.  

·       Prepare your carpet cleaner

Prepare the carpet cleaner by filling the water reservoir with warm water (NOT boiling). For some machines, you may also need to add in a detergent as well.  

·       Run the carpet cleaner

Slowly move up and down across the room and overlap each line slightly to make sure you aren’t missing any spots. Pay attention to the dirty water sensor so you know if and when you need to empty the tank. 

·       Rinse and wait to dry

After initially running the carpet cleaner, you may need to go over the room one more time to rinse out any lingering detergent. Once the room has dried, you may want to vacuum again just to make sure everything was picked up. 

While it’s certainly feasible to run a carpet cleaner yourself, you may prefer to have a professional do it instead. If that’s the case, just make sure the area is tidy and move any furniture if you can. 

Parting Thoughts 

Effective carpet cleaning methods such as steam cleaning not only eradicate dust mites but also remove their remnants and sanitise the entire carpet. Regular and professional carpet cleaning services not only extend the life of your carpet but also contribute to a healthier home, promoting the well-being of all its occupants. Invest in professional Ottawa cleaning service to safeguard the health of your family and boost the aesthetics of your home environment.

As bugs like clothes moths and carpet beetles prey on carpeting, keeping your carpets clean is your first line of defense. If you regularly make sure no dust or other contaminants fill up inside your carpet, you don’t give these bugs and pests like dust mites anywhere to comfortably live.  

If you don’t have any plans to share your home dwelling with other unwanted guests, it’s important to keep each room tidy. On top of that, getting your carpets cleaned once or twice per year will ensure no infestations manifest inside of your home. 

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