Carpet Cleaning: Life Hacks You Need To Know

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Carpets are an important addition to every room in your house, it can turn over a new house into a place you can call home. It provides warmth and gives a helping hand in the interior design of rooms, by defining spaces and adding a touch of elegance.

Unfortunately, carpets are usually overlooked while house cleaning. Many house owners will vacuum it, but don’t deep clean their carpets. While there are cleaning methods that should be done regularly that are best left to professionals who provide carpet cleaning services such as hot water extraction to kill all bacteria and fungi found in carpets, or cleaning with the steaming method, or deep shampooing your carpets; for everyday cleaning, we all need to be aware of the different hacks we may use to clean our carpets and remove any stains, shagginess and padded-down spot caused by heavy furniture, between scheduled professional services. 

Here is a list of the best hacks you need to know when it comes to cleaning carpets. 

Ironing Removes Stains

Carpets get dirty and stained more often than you expect, especially if there are kids around. But many house owners use this iron trick, which has proven its effectiveness. So, how can a stain be removed by ironing? 

It is simple, first start with vacuuming the stain and get rid of any particles, then add to the stain a mixture of water and vinegar with a ratio of 3:1. Now, wait for 5 minutes, then place a towel on the stain and apply a heated iron. Sit back and watch the magic happen, the pressure and heat will transform the stain into the towel.

Carpet Freshener Using Kitchen Ingredients 

With the pile-up of dust, carpets can usually smell musty. So, to make them smell fresher and cleaner, start creating your own carpet freshener right out of your kitchen ingredients. 

Mix 10-20 drops of any essential oil of your choice with about 16-ounces of baking soda and store the mixture in a glass container. Apply it on your carpet 5 minutes before vacuuming it, and you will feel like you’re walking in a field of flowers. 

Shaving Cream 

Whether your stain is old or new, with any kind of shaving cream you can remove stains from your carpet in seconds. All you need to do is spray the shaving foam on the stain, wait for a little while and start rubbing the stains off with a carpet brush or towel. 

Shaving cream magic does not stop there! You can actually spray it all over your carpet, and it will give it a magical fluff and a softer feel- maybe even better than when it was brand new. 

A Spoon to Fluff Carpets

Speaking of recreating carpet fluff, you can do that while applying water and vinegar mixture to your carpet. Run a spoon on its side on your carpet, and it will fluff up all the fibers and keep them upright as they used to be. 

Carpets can keep our feet warm during winter and keep them nice and cool when we walk around barefoot during summer. So, no matter how big or small your carpet is, these life hacks regarding cleaning your carpets will help you save your carpets from any stains, and at the same time, making them look and feel new again. 

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