Casino Historical Museum

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The Casino Historical Museum is located in Casino, New South Wales, Australia, and – believe it or not – has nothing to do with gambling, despite the name! Instead, the museum features a collection of items, newspaper articles, and other artifacts mean to preserve Australian culture and give visitors the feeling of being back in time in Casino and the surrounding district.

For $5, guests will be taken on a guided tour of the old-fashioned town where they’ll see a variety of fascinating buildings and other vital landmarks over the course of roughly 90 minutes. According to the Casino Historical Museum brochure, a visitor can expect to see the following displays:

  • “Aboriginal artifacts and early photographs
  •  Machinery and implements from an era gone by, including a rare bullock plow 
  • Coach lamps, horse and bullock harnesses
  • Cooking utensils, including unique, homemade household articles
  • Early household china and linen
  • Clothing, hats, and shoes from 1800-1900s
  • Pianos, pianolas, and other musical instruments
  • Trade tools and equipment used in the past
  • Honor boards from the district halls, schools, and lodges 
  • The history of early properties and squatters
  • Numerous photographs of early buildings, businessmen and residents.”

The walking tour will show where the town began and why, and highlights many historical sites that have significance to the past and present alike. You’ll also appreciate the art deco buildings and learn about the architectural styles featured throughout the museum grounds, and why this aesthetic was developed. 

How the Casino Historical Museum was Founded

The Casino Historical Museum was founded on April 1, 1966 – one year after the Casino and District Historical Society Inc was established by a group of local residents on a mission to preserve the region’s history for future generations. 

“The Society’s main aim is to preserve all aspects of Australian culture such as aboriginal artifacts, implements, tools of trade, furniture, newspapers, photographs, and diaries, etc. and especially the early history of the local area and its early settlers,” reads the official brochure

Not Just a Museum…

In addition to the historic town and museum displays, the Society allows people to research both their own pasts or Casino’s. They’ve collected “family files, photographs, early Casino newspapers and other printed material relating to the history of the area and its many early settlers,” including microfilm copies of newspapers ranging from 1876 all the way through 1949. You will also find hard copies of the paper from 1967 on.

You can even pay the Casino and District Historical Society to find the desired material for you, for the following prices:

  • Personal research: $5.00 per hour.
  • Postal research: $11 per initial inquiry plus postage and copying.
  • Extended research: we will be pleased to provide you with a quote.

If you aren’t able to visit the Casino Historical Museum in person, you can even write to the Society to request help in finding any documents for which you may be looking. will help you to know more about gambling and casinos nowadays.

Write to:

Casino and District Historical Society Inc.

31B Walker Street, Casino NSW


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