Kid-Friendly Items for Any DIY Project

DIY projects and crafts are a way to spark your children’s interests on a creative level. They are entirely customizable and ultimately turn into beautiful, authentic pieces in the end. Before you start any project, there are a few mediums that should be included in your inventory to use for almost anything! Take these few ideas into consideration for the next time your kids are ready to create a masterpiece. Frames Try to veer away from the typical finger painting activities and think … [Read more...]

Top 5 Ideas To Use Your Kid’s Mismatched Socks

Losing socks is something that millions of people do every now and then. In fact, some research shows that the average person loses well over a dozen socks every single year. Whether they get lost in the wash or lost in some other manner, most of us have a ton of solo and mismatched socks laying around. However, instead of simply throwing away your children’s old and mismatched socks, why not try find ways to reuse them? Whether you got them some brand new socks from Elite Sports Socks or … [Read more...]

Sponge Clover Stamps for Kids

If you're looking for an easy St. Patrick's Day craft for kids, you are in the right spot! These sponge clover stamps are super simple to make and fun to do! Use them to decorate a card or a wall hanging - the possibilities are endless! Using just a few supplies, these clover sponge stamps are super cute and fun! Check out these other fun and easy St. Patrick's Day crafts! … [Read more...]

Must-Have Tools for Your Woodworking Hobby

Excess of everything is bad. If you will continue to engage yourself in a single activity. You will face monotonous. Along with curricular activities, you should also indulge yourself in co-curricular activities named as a hobby that means recreational activity performed outside of normal working hours. It helps you structure your time, foster new social connections and to cope up with stress. You must carve out the time to find a hobby. There is a wide list of hobbies but one of them is … [Read more...]

Miniature Airbrushing Techniques for Beginners

Airbrushing is a method of painting that involves the use of a device that sprays compressed air in combination with the coloring material. This results in an evenly applied paint on the target surface. It has been around for over a hundred years but has only gained popularity in the last century. The applications of this technique are not only in artisanal pieces, but it is also used in the industry where the consistency and the controlled output of airbrushing is highly sought. … [Read more...]

Crafting Tools Every DIY Mom Needs

If you’re the kind of mom that loves to keep herself busy with some kind of crafting task, then you need to make sure you have everything you need in order to really come up with the best quality when carrying out your DIY projects. This is why it is imperative that you keep a storage area, or even a room if you can manage, to keep all the necessary items required. To make life a little easier for you, we’ve made up a list of all the crafting tools that every mom out there would need with any of … [Read more...]

Diamond Art Club Kit Review

I love crafting. Especially trying new crafts. So when I was approached to do a review of Diamont Art Club, I was super excited! Diamond Art is the new craze and I can finally see why! There are many benefits to crafting, and I am really glad to finally be able to add Diamont Art to my repertoire! What Is Diamond Art? If you haven't heard of this new craze, diamond art is a fun activity for both adults and kids that uses Diamond-like resin rhinestones to do a paint-by-numbers craft. … [Read more...]

5 Power Tools That Every DIYer Loves

Every DIYer has a favorite tool that they can never let go of, and use in almost any project. If you do not have these tools and are an aspiring DIYer then we urge you to get them as soon as possible, especially when you're setting up a small woodworking shop. Here are five of the most necessary and loved tools any DIYer has in their arsenal. Cordless drill This is one of the first tools to get when starting on your DIY journey. A drill will come in handy in different projects and … [Read more...]