Customize a Most Special Gift For Him/Her With Custom Diamond Painting

Nowadays, everyone is looking for something new and special kind of gift for their special person. Currently, there are several new trends of giveaways introduced in the market. Among them, diamond painting is getting truly very famous today. Whether you are searching for the best valentine's day gifts, birthday gifts, or the best gifts for any other special occasion, the diamond painting is the best and unique choice for everyone. What is a diamond painting? Diamond painting is … [Read more...]

? Make Your Own Labels For Jars Free

Learn how to create your own personalized labels online with MockoFun. This tutorial is useful for people that want to learn how to make labels at home. Check out these online label templates that you can easily edit and customize online.  To make your own labels online free, follow these simple steps. Step 1: Open the MockoFun Tool So, to make a label online, open MockoFun and click on the Create button to start designing.Create a New document with the size of your choice. Set … [Read more...]

Learning About Painting Styles: 7 of the Most Popular Types

Since the first person held a paintbrush, the art of painting has evolved into a much more complex endeavor. It is no longer simply putting paintbrushes to canvas.  While it is important to make sure you have high-quality painting supplies, your chosen painting style is an important factor in your craft as well.  There are so many different painting styles now that it can be hard to keep up as a new artist. While one artist might prefer expressing themselves through one style, another … [Read more...]

Tips You Can Use To Choose The Correct Wholesale Fabric Distributors

Whether buy or not fabrics wholesale will boil down to whether you want to acquire a specific material in wholesale. Supposing you would like to get one or two fabric lengths, what you will need is to go and get it in a traditional fashion shop. However, if you need a particular fabric in bulk, sell it in your fabric store, or use it for a large project that has come out, you will need to get them at a wholesale fabric shop. The wholesale fabric distributor you settle on is as … [Read more...]

5 Side Hustles for Crafty Moms

Being a mom is a full-time job in itself. Raising your kids is one of the most rewarding yet stressful things you will ever do. It requires around-the-clock effort and attention, but it comes with the benefit of being able to spend time with your family. However, as your kids get older and go off to daycare or school, you may find that your once busy schedule gets a whole lot more manageable. You may even notice that you have spare time (what’s that like, again?) and are not quite sure what to … [Read more...]

Creating Watercolor Graphics

Hand drawing is a challenging task for most people, and drawing with paint or aquarelle requires additional skills and practice. That's where technology helps, with computer and tablet apps that assist in creating hand-drawn art.Today I will cover Art Text, one particular graphic design software that places emphasis on text effects. I will focus on watercolor text effects and show you how to create a wedding invitation in just a few minutes. Why would you choose Art Text over Photoshop or … [Read more...]

How to Become a Graphics Design Artist with Ease

Whether you are a mom and raise children at home or just don’t have a chance to go out frequently because of the pandemic situation, it doesn’t mean the process of self-development should be canceled and forgotten. It is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and see the beauty in everything that surrounds you. How? All you need is to become a graphics design artist. You are not obliged to graduate from high schools and universities again. The abilities of self-education are endless … [Read more...]

5 Awesome Resin Craft Ideas

Resin art has become extremely popular within the craft world, but it's no surprise. The art trend taking over the internet is beautiful on the eye and extremely accessible to any crafter of any level. As it requires no drawing abilities, many arts and crafts enthusiasts that lack painting skills have been trying their hand at epoxy resin art, and it's safe to say there's no sign of it losing its popularity anytime soon. With its attractiveness, versatility, and all-around fun creation … [Read more...]