Craft Supplies Australia – Everything You Need For Craft Making

Arts and crafts are not just a way to pass the time. It is an excellent method to enhance creativity and learn new skills. Australia is considered a creative nation. According to research, 98% of Australians are engaged with arts and culture. Moreover, the Australian Craft Industry is booming and has been growing steadily over the past few years. It has increased by about 20% in recent years. So, whether you are a novice DIYer or a seasoned pro, there are several online crafts stores like … [Read more...]

Watercolor Drawing Art. How to Sell Watercolor Painting?

From the simplest flower in the field to the most elaborate cityscape, watercolours can do it all. The vintage technique is still popular because of its subtle beauty, grace, airiness and tenderness. What was the first watercolor drawings like? Primitive artists of the Palaeolithic Period painted in colours very much alike today's watercolours - natural pigments (soot, ochre and metal oxides) were mixed with natural gelling agents as well as animal blood, milk and water. Thousands of years … [Read more...]

6 Simple Methods to Transfer Embroidery Pattern on A Fabric

Source Embroidery is a fun and creative way to spruce up the look and feel of your fabric. You can add vibrant patterns on the fabric, add some texture or even sew in some patches to elevate the look and feel of the design. But, as a beginner with embroidery, being stuck with the transfer process of the pattern is quite simple. Even though you might excel in sewing the patterns on the fabric, most people often struggle to get started with the design. As a beginner, Creative Fabrica has … [Read more...]

9 Must-Have Tools for Resin Art Enthusiasts

The resin trend came about because of awesome videos of resin craft projects posted on social media. People find satisfaction with resin being poured or glitters being mixed on every video project posted, the same pleasure that pimple popping video gives many people. This is because the brain releases dopamine, the happy hormones when looking at the videos, and elicits a sense of satisfaction.   As a result, interest in resin grew, and small enterprises selling resin earrings, … [Read more...]

Four Easy Craft Ideas to be Excited About

Crafting is a great way to relieve stress, do something creative, and have fun! If you want to know some easy crafting ideas, keep reading below because we have some nifty suggestions. When you want to get into crafting, figuring out where to start might be a bit overwhelming. However, there are many easy crafts that every person can get into. Crafting is a great way to relieve stress, do something creative, and have fun! If you want to know some easy crafting ideas, keep reading below … [Read more...]

15 Easy Wood Burning Ideas For Beginners

We’re sure there have been days when you’ve found yourself with too much time on your hands and nothing to do with it. There are only so many books you can read and television shows you can watch before you want to try something new! This is where wood-burning comes in.  Wood burning or pyrography is simply the process of burning images onto a wooden surface. This form of art is also much older than you might think. Historians have discovered that artisans used heated metal rods to burn … [Read more...]

Japanese Samurai Warrior Masks: What They Mean & Why You Need To Own One

The Japanese culture has a long and rich history of culture, art and symbolism. One of the most common ways for people to express their emotions is through wearing masks. Out of the things that draw tourists to Japan is the wide variety of traditional arts and crafts that are found nowhere else in the world. Among these handicrafts, masks made from wood, paper, bamboo and various metals are highly prized for their uniqueness and delicate beauty. Best Japanese masks are an important part of … [Read more...]

Horse Paintings in Greek Mythology

Famous horse paintings have always been the charmers in Greek mythology through their extensive influence on art and literature. In ancient Greece, horses were revered as symbols of wealth, power, and status. Horses have been considered as highly prestigious animals with deep insights and great empathy. They shared an outstanding share of pride in wars and are widely represented in ancient art through books, galleries, and museums. The epic paintings of horses are of great importance as … [Read more...]