Everything You Need To Know About Mini Sewing Machines

A mini sewing machine is a device that is portable and lightweight for everyday sewing essentials. Though they may be small in size, they are packed with features and specifications that are hard to beat. Since they are compact in size, they are easily portable which makes them convenient to use. If you just starting out to sew, then you can start with a portable mini sewing machine to practice. This will give you an easy and breezy start to the world of sewing. It is also a great machine for … [Read more...]

How To Find Paint and Wine-Drinking Events in Denver

You may have heard of paint and wine-drinking events and are curious to try it out. These events can be very relaxing, entertaining, and worthwhile. However, it’s important to find the best one in your area to make sure you’re getting the full experience the first time around. Here are some tips you can use. Browse online. If you’re on the hunt for paint n sip Denver, feel free to use your search engine to browse some events near you. Upon looking at the first page of the search … [Read more...]

7 Ways Kids Benefit From Engaging in Arts and Crafts

Kids love to create. Painting, drawing, sculpting -- anything that involves using their hands to create something, kids typically enjoy doing it. Not only is it enjoyable for kids, but they actually benefit from partaking in art projects both inside and outside of school. What are these benefits? Allows for Creative Expression First, making art allows for creative expression. Children are curious and need an outlet where they can be free to explore and express themselves. Art class at … [Read more...]

Beat the Lockdown with These Art & Craft Activities

Staying at home for extended periods can have a negative impact on a person’s health & well-being and this is the time to take up a new hobby or pastime. In order to maintain a healthy outlook on life, we all need a little ‘me time’ and with that in mind, here are just a few of the arts & crafts that you can take up to give you interest during the pandemic. Diamond Painting – This is a revolutionary new form of art, which is a blend of painting by numbers and cross-stitch, which … [Read more...]

How to get Creative and Crafty During Covid

It has been a difficult year as most of us have been living under the threat of COVID-19 and have had to quarantine in our homes.  However, spending time at home can be a good thing as you can use the time to learn a new skill or improve upon ones you already have. If you enjoy making things, here are some ideas on how to get creative and crafty during COVID. Super Sewing One of the most popular crafts is sewing. Sewing is relatively easy to learn and you can achieve wonderful … [Read more...]

4 Reasons to Take Up the Forgotten Art of Hand Quilting

Over time, as machine quilting has become more common, hand quilting has turned into a forgotten art. Before the old fashioned technique of hand quilting becomes an art which is only written about in history books, it is important to make use of the technique as a hobby or simply as a form of art. Perhaps, the new generation is too busy to enjoy a hobby of creating handcrafted things. What we miss out on is being embraced and wrapped around by something intimate. To save up on time, nowadays … [Read more...]

Are Online Art Classes Worth It?

One of the most popular ways an artist to learn and immerse themselves in the creative process is through artwork. That means as an artist, you’ll want to take advantage of the art shops available in your area. With the current lockdown situations imposed in many countries, there might not be flexibility and freedom as it used to be in the past. Learning doesn’t have to stop, especially when you have the internet at your disposal. There are a couple of benefits to taking online art classes and … [Read more...]

Home Learning Tutorial on Drawing and Painting for Parents

What are the advantages of the visual works of children? What support would you give them? In several ways, one can say that when children are between the age of two to five years old, they are at their heyday of drawing and painting. During these years, the parent would notice their children's love for marking and sketching several things with absolute disregard. These are the years that parents are left with a massive collection of artworks. These are the periods that parents get to … [Read more...]