Screen Time Isn’t All Bad: Educational Electronic Games Your Kids Will Love

It's likely that your family has been more reliant on electronic devices than ever. Although data transmission and storage security were already imperative in the modern enterprise, the pandemic has forced many of us to work and learn from home. And thanks to our smartphones, laptops, and tablets, those tasks are actually possible. Of course, there can be some downsides to spending all of your time looking at a screen. But while it's important to have limits in order to prevent negative … [Read more...]

Why Pre-schooling Is Essential For Your Child

Early birds fly high, the initial few years of child's development are very important to build his or her personality along with nourishing them to be creatively intelligent. The brain till the age of four is forming important neural parts to help develop the child's ability to tackle life. Children in their early age are very curious and great learners their brain is like a sponge that can absorb it all and store it. Parents need to go hand in hand with the brain development as it is fast … [Read more...]

What are Lido Classes

Lido classes is an online platform by Lido Learning, that will teach your kids through the internet. They have brought up the best designs and applications for online learning activity. Unlike the most online learning platforms in south Asia that are a bit vague about their policies, the Lido Learning came forth with a clear ideology and resolution.  Here your kid can get the following advantages, the goal of this organization is not merely teaching the kids but provoking their critical … [Read more...]

Child security and online learning

A common aspect of studying is the struggle of it all. When it comes to studying in school, the teacher to student ratio is almost laughable, with an approximate of fifty-five students assigned to one teacher, it can’t be, in any way, expected that the teacher will be able to cater to each child individually. These teachers mostly are in a race to finish the syllabus provided to them for the academic years, the hurry of it all causes the teachers to be unable to capture the attention of … [Read more...]

Top 25 CAPM Interview Questions and Answers in 2020

It is regular information that CAPM is known as Certified Associate of Project Management, while this affirmation is one of the three project management confirmations that are offered by the Project Management Institute or prominently known as PMI. This confirmation was propelled in the year 2003, by the PMI for the professionals or people who are looking for accreditation, which would help in improving their resume and expanding their insight about the project management biological system while … [Read more...]

The most reliable place to find a tutor

There used to be a time when home-schooling was often frowned upon. But as the coronavirus forces the world to stay at home, home tutoring has become the norm. In many places, schools have re-opened physically, and in some, virtually, and students continue to lack behind on syllabus. Most parents are looking for reliable places so that they can find tutors. Tutors Field has time and time again been recognized as one of the most prestigious teaching spaces. Easy to understand: Based in … [Read more...]

Switching to Homeschooling This Fall? Here’s How to Properly Prepare

Given the ongoing threat of COVID-19, it's no wonder that many parents are hesitant to send their children back to crowded classrooms. Although there's no doubt that kids benefit from both socialization opportunities and the expertise of trained teachers, many families feel the risk is too great to return to conventional schooling so soon. As a result, some parents have set their sights on homeschooling this fall. No doubt, there'll be a number of changes to contend with. Juggling your … [Read more...]