How to Access ProQuest Dissertations from Your University Library?

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Whether you are going to write a research paper, dissertation or thesis, your instructors demand that you dive deeply into the topic. At this stage, a simple literature review is not enough, so they suggest you explore relevant previously existing dissertations. To do so, ProQuest dissertations is the best place you should consult from your university library. It provides a treasure of information which is crucial for your academic excellence.

ProQuest platform provides access to:

  • Over 5.5 million dissertations and theses from 4,100+ institutions in 60+ countries.
  • Adds 5 million graduate works each year.
  • 90,000 authoritative sources, along with a huge 6 billion digital pages.
  • More than 5 million correctly written citations and 3 million full-text works.
  • Its database grows by 250,000 works annually.
  • 4+ million researchers at 3,100+ institutions.

However, accessing this platform and getting the right information is the real task. Students often suffer during these stages because they don’t know what to do or how to get access. To solve your worries, we will thoroughly guide you on how to get ProQuest dissertations and a thesis from your university library.

In addition, if you find it difficult to proceed or don’t have enough time for a thorough study, you can consult dissertation writing services UK. They have all the expertise and data to write your dissertations on time excellently.

What is a ProQuest Dissertation?

A ProQuest Dissertation is the name of a massive database that provides access to a large number of full-text theses and dissertations online. It is not itself a dissertation; rather, it contains a library of students’ works from all around the world within the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global (PQDT Global) database.

Students working on their research projects get access to the original data of other students published on ProQuest dissertations. It is powerful for researchers, as it provides multi-disciplinary dissertations and theses from various international universities. Its collection includes 20 million pages of data from 3 centuries and 450,000+ eBooks. Here, you can get reliable and originally researched work from millions of students from around the globe.

How to Access ProQuest Dissertations? A Step-by-Step Guide

So, are you also going to start your research journey and look for a credible platform? You should use ProQuest theses and dissertations for comprehensive and original research made in your own university library. To help you throughout this journey, we have simplified the process into following easy steps. Follow the steps given below to access ProQuest Dissertations from the library smoothly.

Step 1: Go to Your Library’s Website

To get access to the ProQuest database, you do not have to make your physical appearance in the library. You just need to go to your university’s library website and log in to your portal using your student ID, email, and password. You can also go to your university’s main website, from where you will find a link to the library site.

Step 2: Discover the Database Hub

Go to the research resources section of the library’s website when you’ve arrived. Here, you should find a database hub which can be referred to as “Research Tools,” “Electronic Resources,” or “Databases.” It will give you a direct link to all the available data that your university can get access to including the ProQuest dissertations and theses.

Step 3: Look up for ProQuest Dissertations

Now, it is time to find out your desired dissertation from the source. Here, you have both options: choose the search bar and find your relevant thing from the available ProQuest database or scroll down the list of dissertations to choose the right one for you. If you do not get access to the ProQuest thesis and dissertation from here, you can directly search for “ProQuest Dissertations” on the library’s website. In this way, you will get access to its login page immediately.

Step 4: Access the ProQuest Database

To access ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global, click the link. Usually, this will launch a new tab or window that will take you straight to the database homepage. If prompted, you might need to check in with your university credentials once again.

Step 5: Perform Your Research

There is a search bar on the ProQuest homepage. Entering keywords associated with your research topic will allow you to begin with a simple search. To research the increase in population, for instance, just type “increase in population” into the search field and press Enter. This will display a list of theses and dissertations that are relevant to your subject.

For advanced search options, you can also select a specific university, data for a specific time period and your selected authors. You will have to decide here whether you want to read just the abstract or the full-text dissertations.

Step 6: Review Search Results

After finding your desired ProQuest dissertations, you will get a list of options relevant to your topic. Now, you need to go through each of them individually and find the data that you were looking for. On the first title page, you will get all the information about the author and university.

After that, you will get to see some initial pages and then the table of contents to check whether it contains your relevant topic or not. Additionally, you will get an abstract here, which will help you understand the topic within a few minutes.

Step 7: Access the Full Text

It not only provides abstracts but also gives you access to the complete ProQuest dissertations. So, you can easily view the full form of your selected dissertation from the database by clicking on a “Full Text” or “Download PDF” link or button. By doing so, you can easily download the whole dissertation to your computer or open it in a new tab or window to read the document easily and thoroughly. You can also save or print it for later use if you want.

Step 8: Make Use of Filters and Search Tools

If you don’t get the results you desire from the ProQuest dissertations search bar, you should narrow down your search results. Here, you will get a lot of tools and filters to make your research more precise and to the point. You just need to select the desired date, author, university and other factors. In this way, you can easily refine your research results and get the right documents in no time.

Step 9: Save and Cite Your Sources

When you come across insightful dissertations, bookmark the sites or download the PDFs to keep them handy. Additionally, ProQuest provides citation generators in other styles, including APA, MLA, Chicago, and others. So, you can only access the data and get its credible sources from the citations available. In this way, you can use these references to credit the dissertations in your own study correctly.

Step 10: Get Help If Needed

We all know that finding the right information from such a massive platform is not an easy task. So, if you feel stuck at any point during your research or writing, you should seek dissertation writing help in the UK. They will quickly resolve your issues and help you use ProQuest in the most efficient manner.

You can also get assistance from your university librarians and other helpful staff who can help you with database searches. Keep in mind that getting help is not something you should be ashamed of; rather, it streamlines your path towards successful dissertations.

Benefits of ProQuest Dissertations

The following are some advantages of adding your research work to the ProQuest dissertation and thesis Global:

  • ProQuest is the world’s largest platform for research, so you can access a large amount of useful data here.
  • Here, you can easily access over 4 million researchers at more than 3,100 institutions across 100+ countries.
  • By publishing your dissertation on this platform, your research work will be available to a greater audience through the world’s largest dissertations database.
  • It offers support for open access, where you can get enhanced metadata records for free upon request.
  • It also provides statistical data about your published dissertations on ProQuest like how many people are searching it through title and subject.

How Much Does It Cost to Publish a Dissertation in ProQuest?

According to ProQuest, there are 3 main ways to publish your dissertation on ProQuest:

  1. It will be free of cost if you submit your ProQuest dissertations electronically. It means your work will become a part of their exceptional database for free.
  2. The second option to make your work accessible to a wide audience is to choose an open-access method, which costs $95 during submission.
  3. The third option is copyright which demands an additional fee of $75 at the time of submission of your dissertation to ProQuest.

Can I Remove My Dissertation from ProQuest?

Yes, you are allowed to remove your dissertation from ProQuest if you want. However, for this dissertation removal, you have to follow a proper process. If you want to remove your work quickly, it can happen within 48 hours of receiving your request. Additionally, if you want your dissertation to be removed from some places, you should contact ProQuest directly. They respect the author’s wishes and will act accordingly.

In this dissertation, using the Full Text Take Down procedure, they will confirm with your school whether this removal requires approval or not. If an author wants to remove their full text or extend its access period, the tech support team will first check if the school requires any approvals. If the system doesn’t automatically remove the full text within 24-48 hours after the requested date, the team will manually remove it the same day. The whole process will take no more than 48 hours (2 business days).

Should I Publish My Dissertation on ProQuest?

Yes, ProQuest is the perfect platform to publish your dissertations or thesis worldwide. It makes your work more recognisable by giving it access to millions of students. Even some graduate schools in the USA have criteria for their students to publish their work on ProQuest. It is a legitimate source to publish your well-written dissertations with the right citation to make them more well-known.


Before starting your research journey, you always look for credible sources to get relevant information. There is a ProQuest platform for reliable dissertations and theses, which you can directly access from your university’s library. It is a worldwide database of ProQuest dissertations where you can easily find and use the available data for your research. All of their full-text dissertations have perfect citations from which you can easily go to the relevant articles to uncover the undiscovered things.

Students who don’t know how to access ProQuest should go through this easy and useful guide, which shares everything step-by-step. However, for struggling students with their dissertations, it is preferable to buy dissertations online from a trustworthy source. It will not only save you time and effort but also provide outstanding professionally written dissertations to ensure your high grades.

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