How To Encourage Musical Interest In Your Child

Many parents want their children to grow up in music lessons, school band, orchestra, or other similar activities - this is nothing new. But should you force your child to take lessons? Will creating yet another requirement rob them of any enjoyment they may otherwise receive from music? This blog will tackle a few things: whether or not you should force your child to take lessons, how to make them want to practice, and what the end result should be. Making Your Child Take Music … [Read more...]

Using Worksheets For Homeschooling Your Kids

Homeschooling is an effective approach to ensure that your kid receives a quality education. It allows you to adjust the pace of teaching according to your child’s needs. It’s also a great way to spend more time with your child and become more involved in their learning, but keeping your child fully engaged throughout the process can be quite difficult. This is because children have a very short attention span and they tend to get bored quickly. Another issue is that learning resources such … [Read more...]

Connecting with Your Co-Parent Over Childcare

As a parent, you may not be able to be with your child every second. Whether you need long-term childcare when you go back to work or just a babysitter for a few hours, having someone else watch your child is something you and your co-parent will likely need to discuss.  It’s important to be on the same page over childcare. It can be extremely beneficial for your child’s social and emotional development. But, it’s also essential to come up with a budget for your external childcare … [Read more...]

5 Safety Drills and Protocols Your Family Needs to Go Over

Your family's safety is your number one priority. While it's not healthy to constantly worry about your children's well-being, it is important to be aware of what can go wrong. Consider going over safety protocols and practicing these safety drills with your family to ensure everyone in your household knows what to do in the case of an emergency. Burglar Break-In and Stranger Danger Out of the approximate 2.5 million break-ins per year, home burglaries account for over 65% of them. Do your … [Read more...]

Should You Encourage Your Child To Go To Law School?

The legal profession isn’t an easy one, yet many parents encourage their children to attend law school. Should it be this way? Is being a lawyer worth the cost and education necessary to get there? We’ll dig into that more below. We need lawyers, and highly educated ones at that - but this guide will help you decide if encouraging your child to pursue a legal career is a good idea. The Cost & Value Proposition Of Attending Law School Firstly, note that aspiring lawyers must … [Read more...]

The Best Age for Getting a Pet

Introducing an animal into the family is a big decision and not one that should be rushed into. Pets are a lot of responsibility and need plenty of love, care, and training. While it might be tempting to quieten the relentless “can we get a dog?” requests by offering one when your child turns X or for getting good grades, it’s not advisable to use the prospect of a puppy or kitten as a reward.  Your kids might be full of promises about how they’re going to care for a pet, but once the … [Read more...]

Elevations RTC Offers Emotional, Physical Support For All Students

Elevations RTC offers troubled teenagers an education on a college-like campus just outside Salt Lake City. That sounds impressive enough to many people, but the little things are what make it one of the best residential treatment centers in the country. Specifically, the attention to detail in helping students overcome whatever issues they might face improves the success rate and keeps family members satisfied. The staff helps in a variety of ways, but emotional and physical support become … [Read more...]

Bassinet: For Or Against?

After birth, a newborn baby needs to be kept warm. He must also feel secure. For these reasons, many parents choose to invest in a bassinet to offer baby the best of comfort. Its concept was conceived in a spirit of the cosy nest, so that the baby can have the impression to be still in the womb. Despite the known benefits that a bassinet has, some parents are still against it or simply don’t know enough about bassinets. Let’s take a look at bassinets in more detail. What Is It Used … [Read more...]