Parenting 101: How The Environment Influences Your Child’s Learning

The environment that children are raised in has a significant impact on their ability to learn. It influences their cognitive development and contributes to their language and communication skills, sensory motor abilities, problem-solving skills, memory span, learning style and even personality traits. This article will explore the effect of the environment on children's learning, and what parents and families, and early childhood educators can do to continue to support the children's … [Read more...]

What’s so Special About the 528 Hz Healing Frequency

The world cherishing the love vibration sounds so meaningful yet beautiful. However, it’s hard to catch the magical vibration in day-to-day lives. Here, a 528 Hz healing frequency tool comes into the picture. Since time immemorial, the universe has held this frequency, but as discussed, the energy is hard to grab. People who are into soulful practices such as mediation, etc., find it difficult to tune with higher energy. It’s a breathing tool that makes a sound and takes a person to the love … [Read more...]

6 Ways New Moms Are Learning to Love Their Postpartum Bodies

After giving birth, your whole life changes. Not only do you have a tiny human to care for, you also have to come to terms with how pregnancy and birth has changed you as a person, both inside and out — including how you look. Previously, moms were obsessed with getting their “pre-baby bodies” back, but over the past few years, a new movement has started to help moms embrace their postpartum bodies. Here are six things that new moms can do on their new journey of self-acceptance: Focus on … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Deal With Financial Conflicts Within Your Relatives

Relationships between family members involve making important life decisions together. At times, these decisions can bring about financial and legal implications. When conflicts arise, it can be hard to find a resolution or reach a compromise. In worst cases, this may lead to extensive legal proceedings and prolonged agony for the concerned parties. All these considered, it’s ideal to find an amicable resolution and avoid disputes altogether.   A family conflict is an example of an … [Read more...]

How to camp with kids

The festive season is here, and it's not too early to go camping with toddlers. Nature has a complete sense of experience. It makes a family camp a better way to start children to set the outside world joy. A camping trip will provide children with many things to captivate them. Please don't limit your children from camping trips because of their age. Such trips awaken their senses and open their eyes to the natural world around them. The advantage of camping is that you are in the … [Read more...]

4 Family Activities to Ensure a Healthy Environment

Research has shown that having a strong social support network is one of the most important things for your health and wellbeing. When you spend time with family, especially if it's positive and supportive, you're much more likely to have a healthy support network. Here are a few recommendations to help you start on the path to creating a healthy, functioning family environment: Playing Together Research has shown that playing together, whether it “games”, movies, music or simply … [Read more...]

How to Make The Most of Travel With Your Family

Traveling with a family can certainly have its challenges, but family time is so precious nowadays and so if you plan accordingly you can have the best holiday of your life. So how can you maximise and get the best from the time you spend together? Keep reading to see how you can make the most of traveling with your family. Plan carefully This may be stating the complete obvious, but the first thing that should be done is to sit down as a family and plan the trip. Get the whole family … [Read more...]

Wow Your Guests With A Spectacular Family Celebration In A Unique NYC Event Space

Here’s a friendly reminder for anyone out there trying to plan a big family event: you need to pick a great venue. A venue can really make or break an event. You may have prepared everything in the program ahead of time but unless you’ve booked the right place, your event could end up being memorable for all the wrong reasons. You definitely want something that has a pleasant ambience and the best amenities so you and your guests can all have a wonderful time together. If you’re in New … [Read more...]