Ways to Make Guitar Sound Better

The instrument is a very important thing for any artist. They always want to maintain their quality and upgrade their performance. When it comes to the guitars, there is various small equipment that can make the instrument more efficient. Many artists don’t know about those minor things that can give a boost to the efficiency of the instrument. Guitars are of many types here we provide you some common ways to improve the guitar’s efficiency. Compressor Pedal While performing a guitar … [Read more...]

Sing Into Spring Walt Disney Records Review & Giveaway – 2 Winners! (Ends 4/7)

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary collection of Disney Music CDs by as part of Entertainment New Media Network. Giveaway is sponsored through the network by Optimistic Mommy with prizes provided by Walt Disney Records. Riley is a huge Disney Junior fan - so when I got the opportunity to receive a Preschool Pack full of soundtracks from one of her favorite movies and television shows, I couldn't pass it up!  I can't wait for her to receive these CDs, along with some other goodies, on … [Read more...]

Chris Mann (From The Voice) Has Released His Album, ‘Roads’!

Do you watch The Voice?  I watch it every single time it is on - I got addicted to it last year.  And I'm glad I did, because if I hadn't, I wouldn't have learned how amazing of a singer Chris Mann is!  That's why I'm excited that I get to share with you my opinion about his debut CD, Roads!  Roads was released just yesterday, October 30th! Ever since Chris Mann was on The Voice last season, he captured the hearts of many fans with his blend of clasically-trained tenor and contemporary pop … [Read more...]

Music Friday – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson

I hope everyone had a good week!  We're still busy with getting everything moved into our house so that's why I haven't been able to update much.  I will make an update sometime this week with pictures from my daughter's first birthday which was last week, the 14th.  :) I want to start a new weekly theme called Music Friday.  I'm going to post a video that has my attention for the week and talk a little bit on why I like the song. This week's song is Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) by … [Read more...]