Chris Mann (From The Voice) Has Released His Album, ‘Roads’!

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Do you watch The Voice?  I watch it every single time it is on – I got addicted to it last year.  And I’m glad I did, because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have learned how amazing of a singer Chris Mann is!  That’s why I’m excited that I get to share with you my opinion about his debut CD, Roads!  Roads was released just yesterday, October 30th!

Ever since Chris Mann was on The Voice last season, he captured the hearts of many fans with his blend of clasically-trained tenor and contemporary pop vocals.  That’s very rare in today’s music!  After one of his fantastic live performances on The Voice, Christina Aguilera told him, “I feel the heavens open up when you sing.”  Many more agreed with her!  He has such a powerful, moving voice!  It has brought tears to my eyes a few times listening to him sing!

After The Voice ended for the season, Chris Mann signed on with Faircraft. Immediately, he bagan on projects at hand – including a full debut album and a Walmart exclusive Christmas EP!

The lead single on the debut album, ‘Roads,’ was given to Chris by Keith Thomas. Thomas producted the single and Chris immediately connected to the song. The concept of ‘Roads’ is about how life can throw a curveball at you or it can change everything instantly overnight, but either way you stay on this road and it will lead you back home. This is exactly how Chris believes his road has been – “a marathon that’s brought me back to this new beginning.”

My favorite song from Roads is definitely ‘Viva La Vida.’  It’s Chris Mann’s rendition of the popular song by Coldplay.  I like it because it just has a good beat and his voice is perfect for it.  I fell in love with it when he performed it on The Voice.

I also love Chris’ version of ‘My Way.’  This iconic song by Frank Sinatra just fits Chris’ vocals and him as a person.  It’s so moving, actually, that it brought tears to my eyes – and it’s not easy to do that!

You can purchase Roads at iTunes or Amazon!

This is a review post from One2One Network.  I was provided with a copy of the album and I am eligible for a prize drawing.  All opinions stated are my own.

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