How Long Can Cats Go Without Food?

Has your cat not been eating well and you are wondering how long can cats go without food? We have all the answers to your queries. Cats are many times moody animals and can be fussy when it comes to food. It is not a surprise that cats can refuse to eat their regular cat food and become cranky and demanding. Every cat has a different personality and working your way around it can be a task.  Is it bothering you that your cat will keep refusing to eat and you will have to find ways to … [Read more...]

Taking Care Of Your Dog For a Long Happy Life

So you adopted a pet from a shelter -- congratulations! Pets are a great bond with the family, often becoming members of the family rather than just thought about as “pets.” In addition to bringing laughs and love to your family, pets, especially dogs, have some additional sneaky benefits. For one, dogs are known to bring people together. Whether it’s at dog parks or on the street, a friendly dog is an attractive sight that makes other dog lovers want to meet the dog. In fact, studies show … [Read more...]

Have You Been Walking Your Dog Wrong This Whole Time?

Dog walking seems easy enough; all you have to do is get a leash around the dog’s neck, and you’re good to go. While this can seem like the right thing to do, there are several important elements to consider. Something as trivial as your dog leading the way during walks, for example, can result in serious behavioral issues down the road. If you get someone to walk your dog for you, you need to ensure that they understand such nuances and more. Many dog owners inadvertently use the wrong … [Read more...]

Manage Separation Anxiety in Dogs with a Calming Bed

Many pets suffer from separation anxiety. Extreme cases of separation anxiety in dogs can often result in destructive behaviors. The owners must try to make their pets feel secure. It is then the owners' responsibility to take the necessary steps and find the best calming solutions for their pets. One effective way to calm down anxious dogs and make them more comfortable is by getting them a calming dog bed. To know more about separation anxiety in dogs, read the following: What Causes … [Read more...]

Understanding What’s Your Husky Talking About

Huskies are faithful sled dogs. They love to run and pull things. There are some historical cases of huskies being used as sled dogs by humans because they could quickly cover long distances. While there have been many urban myths and wild stories about huskies and their talking habits, did you know that they do talk? Yes, the tale is accurate!  So if you are wondering why are huskies so vocal, here are some interesting facts about the huskies and their vocal behaviour that should answer … [Read more...]

Welcoming Puppies Home? Teach Them These 3 Important Things

Welcoming a new puppy home is nothing less than a blessing. Our dogs are not just our pets, they become our family. They are friendly, loving, caring, and extremely loyal. No matter what happens, they will not leave your side. Our pooches can easily boost our mood and make us feel positive. However, every puppy needs puppy obedience training to make sure that they grow up well and behave properly. This is not only beneficial for you but also for your puppy. Puppy obedience training can … [Read more...]

How To Nourish Cats With Proper Diet?

Pet owners can make safe and healthy recipes with fish, eggs, and meat for their cats as per the recommendations of veterinarians. It must be a great option to minimize the investment in ready-made formulated foods for cats. Because people buy this food for themselves also. But before executing this plan, the cat owners must research healthy cat treats and the recommendations of special diets for overweight cats. Essential Tips On Healthy Diet For Cats Moderation Factor Like human … [Read more...]

How Do Professional Dog Trainers Train Dogs?

Training a dog is harder than it looks. Professional dog trainers use several dog training methods to achieve the best results. Different dogs have different personalities and responses to training, and that’s why it is advisable to hire a skilled person to train your dog.The importance of dog obedience training is that the dog is conditioned to let everyone in the family always come first. Be it eating or getting out of the house. Having your dogs professionally trained is rewarding because … [Read more...]