7 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Reptile Pet

Exotic animals, such as reptiles, are not very common pets. But people nowadays are warming up to the idea of having such reptilian pets.  The relative ease of care and their increased availability are making reptiles an increasingly popular choice for pets.  But keeping reptiles is by no means an easy task. There is plenty of stigma and apprehension with reptiles, and that makes choosing the right reptile pet for your family a huge challenge.  To help you decide if reptiles … [Read more...]

5 Common Misconceptions About Pit Bulls

If there was a dog that was both dependable and stoic, while simultaneously playful and eager to please, it would be the breed group referred to as ‘pit bulls’. Don’t let the big, goofy-looking faces fool you, they can be just as smart as the rest. Unfortunately, due to decades of media misrepresentation, a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes have risen up around these loveable pups. “Pit Bull” actually isn’t a specific breed. When it comes to dogs that are attributed to being pit bulls, … [Read more...]

Should Puppies Eat Dry or Wet Food?

Deciding what to feed a new pup can be difficult because of the dizzying number of puppy food options on the market. Most of the time, though, your decision should come down to whether dry or wet food is best for your furry companion. Today we’ll look at wet and dry food’s advantages and disadvantages to help you decide which is more suitable for your pup. We’ll also tackle other considerations for choosing either food type so you can finally pick the best puppy food to bring home. Wet … [Read more...]

7 Do’s And Don’t For All The Cat Owners Out There

Having a pet is like having a child. It needs your love and attention as much as your children do, especially if it’s a cat.  Most people bring pets home and then forget about them. Well, it doesn’t work with cats. They can get cranky if you leave them alone.  They’ll also do some unusual things if you ignore them; for example, peeing on the door, scratching the couch, and more. Cats crave attention and love more than any other pet.  Though they’re low-maintenance … [Read more...]

Ways to Prevent Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs are pack animals and they love being social. In other words, they adore spending time with their family and would choose not to be left alone during the day. Unfortunately, daily life gets in the way and you have to go to work, go food shopping, and run errands. This means that your canine has to stay at home. However, some dogs do not cope well when they are left alone. This can lead them to develop separation anxiety. This means that they become very distressed when they are apart from … [Read more...]

3 Things They Don’t Tell You About Adopting a Rescue Dog

Dogs are man’s best friends and for many reasons. They are loyal, friendly, and will do anything to keep you happy. After a tiresome day at work, when you come back home, you can always smile and forget your tiredness when you see your dog’s smiling face and wagging tag. Most people are into rescue dogs these days. They are literally looking for ways to save those pups and adult dogs, who are otherwise neglected. So, there is always growing demand for rescue dogs among pet lovers these … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Ways To Treat Your Pet Dog

We are a nation of dog lovers - that’s no secret! Our four-legged friends are the best part of our day, listening to our worries, greeting us with a wagging tail, and taking us on the most adventurous walks. However, it can be hard to know what to give your dog as a treat when you want to give them something that encourages playtime as well as snack time. Especially if you are conscious of trying to reduce your own eco-footprint. Dogs do not want much - read on to find out how you can give … [Read more...]

What Are The Best Pets For Your Child?

Being a pet owner is an incredibly rewarding experience for the child. It allows learning many valuable life lessons and teaches responsibility. With the proper adult guidance coming from the parent, children learn dependability. Also, there are pets that offer a lot of affection and can establish incredible bonds with children.  The problem is you cannot simply go to a pet store and choose the first pet the child likes. You need to be smart about it and make the right choice. This is … [Read more...]