Causes of Jagged Skin and How to Treat Them

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Smooth skin is a very satisfying thing. You’ve probably ran your fingers across a newly healed surface of skin, like after a tattoo and felt just how completely leveled and supple it feels. We all wish we have skin like that, skin that’s perfectly smooth not just to the touch, but also looks that way as well. This is what cosmetic clinics aim to accomplish: give their clients that silky smooth surface that’s only possible with modern medical and cosmetic advancements.

And nowadays, smooth skin is reality we can all look forward to with a procedure called Fraxel laser NYC clinics recently acquired skin smoothing treatment, designed to flatten out uneven skin without causing any kind of damage. It’s only one of the many treatments of its kind out there, but it just so happens to be one of the most effective ones too.

One of NYC’s most widely known clinics, Skinly Aesthetics, is offering the treatment on a bargain, and since they helped us with the information we needed to create this article, we only thought it’d be fair to give them a little shoutout, especially for the marvelous work that they do with their NYC clients. But before we can go into understanding what Fraxel is and how it works, we need to first understand what it treats and how that skin problem arises in the first place.

When Skin Takes All the Hurt

Our skin is the literal outer shell of our bodies that protect us from the many dangers of the outside world. If it wasn’t for our skin being so tough and resilient, we would be facing far more dangers and our lives would be a lot harder. This obviously goes without saying and I’m pretty sure you already knew all of this.

But as resilient and durable as our skin is, it also has its own limits. And once these limits are reached, there’s really not much that it can do. Over time, as years pass and your skin is constantly exposed to all kinds of negative conditions, from harsh weather, to extreme temperatures as well as just the general harm that comes with living, such as little scratches and the occasional cut. It’s natural for the skin to go through all of this and lose a lot of the smoothness that it had.

You’ll find some scars here and there which may not have healed properly, leaving the skin uneven. Perhaps you suffered from acne when you were younger and the scars have still left their mark on your face. There are a lot  of different causes to skin jaggedness and the uneven surface. But regardless of what it might be, it’s close to impossible to keep your skin completely smooth and undamaged even if you go outside rarely and take all the precautions of skin care.

So while skin jaggedness isn’t preventable, it is very much treatable with the Fraxel laser procedure.

What It Does

Lasers have been utilized in medicine and cosmetics for some time now, and fractal is just one out of the many applications for the technology. A lot of people hear the word “laser” and immediately imagine something absolutely futuristic and out of this world, when in reality lasers have benefited us in many ways in the past couple of decades.

Fraxel laser treatments utilize a special kind of laser which works on a very specific frequency. This frequency goes through the top layers of your skin and makes its way into the more inner layers. Once there the light produced by the laser frequency stimulates collagen, which over time causes the skin to grow and resurface.

As a result of this new collagen formation, the skin’s surface looks and feels much smoother, since it was restored. and all this happens without a single cut or an injection, which has its own set of benefits.

Recovery and Side Effects

So many other treatments require the patients to wait months to recover from their procedure. And while this is a very understandable part of any medical or cosmetic treatment, not everyone has the time to do this. Some people, if not most, want to completely forget about their treatment after the procedure is over and return to their normal lives.

And with the fraxel laser treatment, you’re very much welcome to return to your normal way of life right after the procedure itself. The side effects for fractal are very much minor, anything from a little swelling to redness which can easily go away if you apply your skincare products and make sure to give your skin enough time to rest. But as this is happening, the collagen is slowly being formed thanks to the stimulation by the fraxel laser light, and your skin without you even noticing, is growing and resurfacing.

It’s this painless procedure and recovery time that gave fraxel the renown within the cosmetic industry that it has today. It’s easy to see why so many people choose to go for fraxel resurfacing instead of other treatments. It’s just a lot more convenient, pretty much painless and it also happens to be much more affordable than you would probably imagine.

For example: Skinly Aesthetics offers their Fraxel NYC, a treatment package that includes everything you need for a professional skin resurfacing, for a very convenient price. That’s why so many New Yorkers choose to go to Skinly Aesthetics over so many other choices of clinics. It’s just a much better bargain, especially considering the clinic’s track record of amazing results and absolutely satisfied clients. Fraxel is just one of the many other treatments they are happy to offer in their catalogue of top-tier treatments performed by some of the most seasoned professionals of the beauty industry. 

So, just make sure to call them up and see if you can take advantage of their amazing deals on Fraxel and so many other treatments.

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