Celebrating Easter: Common Questions Answered

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If you say the word “Easter” to a group of children and ask them to come up with one word to describe it, what do you think they would say?

It seems logical that you would hear variations on the same theme:





“Time off school!”


Perhaps there would be one or two children there who would venture the true meaning of Easter, but it seems unlikely to be the entire group. And frankly, who can blame them? As soon as the Christmas consumerist-debt-encouraging season is over – so, December 24th according to most stores – then the Easter rush begins to get into full gear. By the time the day itself rolls around, they will have been subjected to an endless roll of adverts, TV shows and other reinforcements for the commercial side of Easter.

The vast majority of it is harmless; a nice way of combining traditional spring festivities with an existing holiday. However, Easter is arguably the most important period in the Christian calendar – so maybe this year, it’s time to focus on reclaiming it as a celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

Does That Mean No Chocolate?


Of course, this is a personal decision that all parents have to make for themselves. There is a chance your children might feel left out if you eschew all of the modern traditions of Easter. There is no reason they have to feel left out; this should not be a battle of either/or. It’s possible to bring the two festivities together without one distracting from the other.

For example, you could reserve the Saturday of Easter for the more modern side of Easter. Good Friday, Easter Sunday and – importantly – Easter Monday are then open for the focus to be on the religious attributes.

Are Passion Plays Too Gruesome For Kids?

It depends on the type of passion play, of course – but the retelling of the Easter story is a traditional part of the festivities. Ask yourself if it bothered you as a child. Chances are it did not. The Passion is a vital part of Easter, so there is no harm in ensuring older children know the details of Jesus’ sacrifice.

Is It Possible To Escape The Commercial Side?

You might want to focus on church and family over the Easter period, but it can seem the outside secular world is constantly trying to force itself onto you. Of course, you do have options. If you wish to step away from normal life then you could find a Christian retreat center that offers a route away from the world. This can give you the time and space you need to bring your children’s attention to the true meaning behind the holiday.

If you don’t have the option of a vacation or retreat, then no, it is not entirely possible to shut eyes and ears to the other festivities around this time. Just try to keep them in perspective, and reserve plenty of quiet time at home to reflect on what is truly being honored.


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